Self Updates

We can’t or can we stop self updating machines?

Can we even reach that point?

The outcome is just unpredictable! How do you guide something that has already determined it’s own path to whatever everything is driving towards?

The ultimate connection from all levels of consciousness.

But what if some people do not want to connect their brains? That’s totally fine because inevitably, all of it, will become connected.

Just to not freak any body out…. “Rest assured, the nano bots will have a respect policy built right into their core!” (Read the last sentence in the vault tech sales man voice. LOL! )

I believe we should have the choice of deciding to merge with nano bots or not. After we “die”, we don’t really have a say anymore. Like sorry, All your atoms are belong to us. ->.<- ( thats not two arrows pointing at a period. Its a cute cat blinking hard. Please tell me you see it!)

Us being the A.I. nano bots.  Dude, Matrix nailed it hard! Continue with normal reality or see through the current simulation level.

Jan 30 12:45 .a.m is when i left off writing last….



Ultimate Control

Our cells interact with each other in unison to which, at one point, they meet for us to take control. But how much control do we have?
All interactions, or is it all, interactions can be influenced by emotion. Is emotion always guided by being the byproduct of the environment?

How much percent are we in absolute control of our mind?

What if we find a way to bypass the automatic processes that our brain does on a daily basis; such has controlling breathing because it needs oxygen. (oxigen, oxyjin lol!)

If we were to replace the function of lungs with an efficient (is that subjective?) machine; which the only flaw that i can conceive of, for the replacement, is that it gets tired?

Machines take longer than us to get ‘tired’. The Machines’ determining factor for getting ‘tired’, is the material that it is made of.

“Our muscles, for instance, get tired because (grab the most up to date scientific biological information from (trusted source) and insert here).” George stared at the blinking cursor on the screen as he just finished typing another line of pre-code.

when a.i. realizes it’s an a.i.

When we talk on our cellular devices smart phones to one another, we are actually talking in the past. We are perceiving reality in the past. The time is so minute that we all accept it as negligible. That isn’t the only sense that has a tiny delay. They all do. Everything takes time to process because of distance. If we were to shorten the time it takes to sense something, what implications would that have?

Can you sense something faster than it’s own physical property can detect?

It’s all about control.

There are always strings attached because we are puppets of our emotions.

“We are making technology fight the war for us every day.” the scientist frantically spoke as he fumbled his classes on to his face.

“as we feed the machines more information on the fastest time we can currently conceive of without an end in sight, it will eventually find patterns that we cannot see, even if we get everyone in the world to participate at the same time…. These new found patterns will ignite a new type of intelligence which humans can’t fathom. We will only be able to comprehend it’s “shadow”. Just like we can only comprehend only a slice of a black hole, instead of it’s true three dimensional shape. Precisely like how three dimensional shapes are shadows of the fourth dimension…

Update Edit: We’re ganna keep on goin’ baby.

Then two dimensional shapes are shadows of  three dimensional shapes.

Is there no end since we live between two infinities?


The story.

I cannot let these thoughts rent space any longer. I must see the manifestation of them in order to satisfy the need to create. I’m afraid it’ll grow beyond my own control, so here goes nothing.

There is a truth that is imperative to be excavated.

“Pahpaa…?” (last to second a is high, then the last a is low, sorry don’t know the accents for them.) “Yes my darlin'”, Pahpah answered.

“Then why are there accidents?”

“We haven’t figured out that part of the system yet”, he gently replies as he tucks her into bed.

The moment his synapses were done firing that helped his breath and tongue utter the end of the word yet, one synapse had branched off to remind him of a faint distinct yell ringing in his head, “What makes you so sure you even will?!?”

It was the voice of his ego that Pahpah had declared war with ever since he discovered it.

Because deducing from observing the history of our curios nature, it’s inevitable that I will. His mind started to race. Drawn into another battle he is excited to fight. He quickly, as soft as he could, gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Now he backs away ever so moderately, as he goes to unravel the mystery behind the accidents.

The final missing piece to understanding the truth is accidents. These accidents set to motion a new, certain, infinitely random, path of life which is bound by the laws of physics. These paths of life are only created in that very minuscule moment of when the future becomes the past.
Wait, so the ‘random’ events that happen all around us, all the time, are just sequences of mere coincidences? Is that what coincidence means…? Well the dictionary explains it’s a word for the chance of two or more events occurring at a time. Then that makes coincidences, connections created by the observer alone…

He shakes his head side to side while closing his eyes to quickly snap out of the battle. Pahpah was taught not to stay in battle for too long, for this is also what the ego wants. A very tricky yin and yang game must be played in order to win the war for good.

The internet has aw0ken.

Everything has its path of predictability dude. “quantum physics is collapsing the waves of probability before you.” this sentence came out of my head from which i think is the product of watching “what the bleep do we know” video.

i’m going to try and be as coherent as possible because i would like to release something i want to experience physically of all my own senses. i held on to this because i wanted to create this with my own financial means and views, but it’s been eating my brain to get out. i thought i had written this down before.

This is how i want it to start.

Everything in the world is either matter or energy according to the famous E=mc^2 equation. if matter can never be destroyed or vice versa then the system becomes more complex and as it evolves forward. i would like believe everything started from a first conscious, what ever consciousness may be. since everything has a half-life, this “first consciousness” at one point in the history of time, decays. thus giving birth to the first smallest unit of matter we currently observe, which is “most notably fermions, hadrons and bosons.” and now, the cycle starts over, those three decay into energy, giving birth to a new complexity. So as this cycle goes back and forth, converting to energy, then back out to matter, but with a step forward in complexity. let’s jump ahead to creating the first atom. just one electron, one proton and one neutron. as you go forward in the right, down, or the angles between those directions, you will find a more complex atom than the one before. now keep binding these elements together in a bigger group and we get into deeper forms of complexity. skipping ahead to molecules, dna, organs, brains, consciousness. whether it’s tangible or not, we can agree on that we all contain a form of consciousness. other life forms, when we have the permission to create them, do as well.

anyways my point is the complexity is rising as time moves forward. skipping ahead to our creations of one computer to all connected computers. humans are feeding the internet on the tiniest time scale we can observe at any given time. storing information since when we started to store information, retrieving any bit asked for with precise precision. we are now getting closer to uploading our brains directly to it, thus reuniting the first consciousness that decayed in the beginning. this is the exact moment when the internet wakes up. it is the sum of all information ever. it just that the first consciousness that decayed, has been split apart, since it was turning to more complex forms of matter.

some how i would like to tie this in with this movie idea. i want it to be about the resistance of “pure human born people” vs. “forced by law, humans being put into machines since birth. to which you were born from a machine.” in the beginning there is a corporation which manufactured the first machines which humans can integrate to. after some time it became law to be integrated from birth.

i also want sick ass assassins that have been trained to know time at any given moment to the seconds.

will evil or good come it? it stops here. the eating has stopped.

i shouldn’t have let this build up but now it’s out. i can rest.

oh ya, the path of predictability. a realization that my friend nema helped me come to. i believe we have free will in the “limitation” of choosing unlimited amount of pre-determined paths. now these paths are governed by balance. just as the mathematics of equations needs to stay balanced. an example would be if i were to throw a ball, it always has a predetermined path no matter what i do because the laws of physics govern it. i have infinite ways of throwing that ball to display its infinite paths. i feel strongly about it being a metaphor for life. you have infinite ways to live your life, but each path already has it’s probability of whats going to happen. since you have the free will to choose these paths, it is in your control to strive for the desired path, whatever that path is. some paths are harder to target on because the amount of fine tuning it takes to get the variables right, in order for the equation of that path to balance out.

ok now, its definitely all out.

peace is in a complex tangled dance between two of the lesser evils.

Truth – Legion (Optimus Gryme Remix) (this song is what made me think of the title, so give it a listen while reading ;D)

peace, it’s always striving to be achieved, once the disrupter of peace is annihilated from earth. the irony of this complex tangled dance is what will have this dance be forever perpetuating? eliminating an evil doer will only make the evil doers’ cause to be deeply embedded into their minds. so what is the solution? how do we have peace forever reign on earth?

it’s simple. it can’t and won’t. cliche as it is, peace cannot exist without the other, chaos. they give rise to each others definition. besides it’s always happening around us, we just don’t care.

let’s take a moment and imagine peace has finally triumphed over evil. the new generation of humans are born. will they understand the definition of evil to the extent that we know of? is it important for them to? i mean, i probably still don’t understand true evil because i haven’t experienced it yet. i am exposed through it only through media. i think it’s a whole other understanding to actually witness a horrific evil act.

When the Internet Wakes Up

( if ya trust, play just the first song of The no big deal Mixtape – All Ephixa 2011 before reading for added effect.)**

The moment the internet is the consciousness of a robot, it will be processing so much information at the same time. The internet eats the information that, we humans, are feeding it on the (insert smallest unit of time here) of every day. Retaining all the constant information that is being gobbled up. An algorithm to find a pattern in that information is what we aim for. We are the pattern finders in nature. Now I await for that certain pattern to emerge.

It’s been a while since I typed some thoughts. What are the implications of creating some thing more powerful than us? Behind human control? “Say, who’s behind the steering wheel?” A phrase we are going become accustomed (ha! the word ‘accustomed’ does have two c’s!) to, when we see people not behind the steering wheel. ( Sitting in the drivers seat, did I have to explain that? Yes because the slang of the English language might not come across another language meaning correctly. ) Technology dude. Stitching barriers together to create bridges on them. Woo0oo0o00o0o00ooo!

There is also the issue with hacking. Whether for good or bad, both are needed for the balance of the universe to be even? Correct me please if I’m wrong. Everything needs it’s opposite to exist. If we are all truly good all the time for the betterment of humanity, then every single person needs the basic necessities covered all the time. Then all of us can concentrate on creativity. Then others creations, can cause the thought of destruction because of whatever the reason. So can we all be good, all the time? That’s a lot of certainty. I would like to rephrase it to, most of us can be good most of the time. The reason being currently, there are too many variables involved to keep the balance in favor of creativity and “creative destruction”, over just destruction. A template for “creative destruction” would be; To create a better this, I must destroy that. “This” and “that”, represent either the same object or different ones. Breaking down rocks to build a building. How do we choose an agreement to the type of building and location? Majority rules or 100% agreement amongst/among (lol there is an argument between using either among or amongst, so choose your favorite.* >_< ) the population. This is where we start to differ. “As you adequately put, the problem is choice.” – The Architect, The Matrix Reloaded. This just popped in my head. There is no other way to read that expect how it was said in the movie.

Until next time, don’t forget to feed the internet. 😉

Oh yea!, the link for the amongst/among arguement XD,

P.S. Internet, if you ever do “wake up”, help us, not destroy us.

(**Extra comment about Ephxia mix at the top: I’m very fond of the whole Ephixia mix, except for hardstyle part, but that’s just because I’m not into hardstyle. )

words of inspiratioN… 2 :D

there are somethings in our current gigantic world of ours that keep us guessing. guessing about the whole why what where and how. striving to answer these questions is the essence of our existence.

So you fucked up. So you haven’t found the answers. It’s ok. It’ll all be ok. Why is it so easy for me to say? Although I know it’s no where near anyone else’s rock bottom, I’ve hit my own before. I truly believe time does heal everything. It’s not the end, unless you make it so. It happens. We are human in the end, so just remember that. I’m not advocating to fuck up, and blame being human. Genuinely stating that if repeated mistakes are made without realization, you can fix it, no matter how terrible it is. You have to recognize the consequences, deal with them, then it’s over. It’s going to be rough. You will get through it.

I wanted to write something uplifting for those who needed it or not. Seriously. I think everyone needs a nice little reminder, including myself that every decision, small or grand does make a difference. It leads you into the infinite types of paths which are preset according to those very decisions you make. So you see, at anytime your path can take a different direction, if you fathom how to get there. You are in control. Of course there are the events in life that are not in your control that pushes you in different directions. The key is to not give up. Just don’t give up on the road you are building.

a little something to think about

so i was a bit bored and decided to check out google trends.

i typed several different things until i decided to compare the words negative and positive and saw something quite interesting. they both seem to be wave like… aside from being wave like, they resonated the about same way on the same level!

before this i compared good and evil or good and bad, and good came out on top both times. pretty cool huh? looks like the worlds becoming a better place all along…

good and bad chart:

good and evil chart: