yes, its the a.m and im full of questions.

so its the a.m. but its dark outside. im confused whether to really call it tomorrow or today,but never the less im in an instant of time. which ticks away by the second which has no real value.

what is value? how do i say that this feels like one second. how much of what makes up that one? if things can get smaller for infinity then is there no reason to keep zooming it with stronger microscopes? i would like to share with you my current philosophy of what is going on, because it seems that any other human i try to communicate with either a) feels uncomfortable about thinking b) doesn’t comprehend modern thinking and wants to stick with med evil type mentality where if a person is an outcast, he shall be burned at the stake without any second thoughts on how he’s going to feel when the fire is buring from his skin into his flesh and down into his bones. how could anyone enjoy seeing another human being suffer so much when all the human did was make the other use their good for nothing brain? it is a very strange world we live in indeed, but it’s funny to see how we don’t work together to figure out… which leads to two types of people i can think of right now. (there is going to be alot of types of people i will explain from my observations of humans), wait wait stop i gatta keep you from getting distracted because i tend to do that alot. focus. so it seems that people like this one dumb muther f’r customer today.

heres the story….. im selling iphones and here comes this anti american douche.

the douchebag- “i would like to buy an iphone and take it to my country.”

me – “sorry sir if theres no a.t.t (lol sounds like a titi) towers setup in your country you wont be able to get the iphone”

the douchebag- “well i want just the phone”

me-“sorry sir you can’t purchase the phone w/o a plan.”

(imma speed it up to the juicy parts)

the douchebag- “what you mean i have to be an american to buy the iphone????”

diclamer: the following has content that is a little bit hurtful. if you dont like the stereotypical words said to people dont read the rest.

the douchebag- “so why in maimi ch*nks, N**gers, all the other people bought the phone?”

at this point i froze. i couldnt believe this good for nothing human is standing in front of me breathing the same oxygen i am.

me-“imma go get my manager”

i have to come back cuz my manger doesnt want to talk to him. i was hoping he would kick him out. :/

me-“you have to have a social security number… you dont have to be amercian.”

the douchebag- “im glad im not an american. thats why im not an american. in my country we dont discriminate on you when you want to buy things”

me-“you just need a social secrity number it doesnt have to do with race”

he leaves…. i turn to my co-worker alex fruitan… and go did u hear that guy!?!?!?!

then the fucker a.k.a the douchebag goes i want to buy an ipod. gimmie the touch.

i wish i was manager, i’d pwn him so bad that he wish he was in his own country again.

well im hungray now…. time for jack in the boxxxxxxxx.

before i leave lemme tell you my delicious order, sourdough breakfast jack w/ no ham, hash brown, gotta have the curly fries and cheese-stix,and i should be drinking water, but dr.pepper is the only thing that will digest this food with me, sorry h20 maybe next time.

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