Irritaided – spelled incorrectly

Tari tadidum dadim tari daidum dadidum

Very nice hearse I’m hearing from the television that is the downfall of the evolution of brainwaves. That sucks.

I’m amongst the group of humans who likes to complain about the content of the news. Let me tell you a FACT about the news. They are all owned by one corporation called the News Corp. Wait before you go to reread that sentence, I’m going to repeat it for you one more time. All the news channels, I don’t want to name names because I don’t know what’s legal and what’s not. Speaking of legal I have to see if I’m going to be sued for my YouTube videos even though I have gave credit to all it’s respectful owners. Now where was I yes, our sad news. Why can’t they ever show happy stuff which majority of us would find genuinely good. I have to consider the possibility that there are people out there that find what majority find happy and good, sad and bad. Example, because right now your probably like WTF those last two sentences made no attempt to even make sense. So now the example. Seeing a baby born is a happy thought no? Or people helping each other out in times of random technology failure. But wait why am I getting all worried about ONE person owning ALL major news channels in America? Well now, if you haven’t figured it by now, your all ready brainwashed. Clean. Fresh. Reprogrammed. Now you may disregard what your reading but it’s true.

I mean reading the very sentence your brain has more activity when your sleeping than watching tv should be enough to convince you. It sure did me. I’m not saying just because I believe it it’s true. Challenge me. We all need to collectively reach the truth of things. The more we have people asking and challenging the better. Here is the scenario explaining why.

Person A and Person B. A has the blahblah theory. Now person B has two choices. Either try to disprove blahblah theory, or help A improve the theory. Either choice that’s decided upon, it has taken everyone one step closer to understanding blahblah. Well obviously choosing to improve the theory helps out, but how would disproving help? Simple. That’s one less route that needs to be taken in reaching the understandability of blahblah.

We should just be in an age where it doesn’t matter what country you represent. You represent the human species. War. The stupidest vocabulary word ever. I don’t want to hear none of that sh!t about it’s our nature. How bout. Making our nature to communicate? That sounds like a good idea.


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