love :)

so i was sitting on my bed releasing the pressure off my spinal column…. ah forget the setting of how i came about what im about to write about. lets get to the point because once again im sure its not going to stay on it. ok already i’ll start.

so does love, love hate or hate…. hate? (notice the comma and … because otherwise that sentence would be hard to read. don’t you love punctuation. well i guess that just kinda pooped on my argument that text is plain and boring and cannot be used to show emotions and errrr sorry, that should be in another blog entry.) so ya or is love neutral towards hate? i mean now that i think of it could it be the saying of the joker in Batman: The dark night…. “you complete me.” love and hate are complements.. btw im listing to Clouds Are Parcelled Out Across My Vision by Bichi on Pandora and its amazing since its like flowing with what im saying lol. anyways, so without hate i wouldn’t know what love is since it’s just there. i would have nothing opposite to compare it to. i guess i wouldn’t know it existed. Good and Evil. without the other i wouldn’t know it existed. actually i’ll talk about how this came up. for some reason i thought of the sentence, love hates me. then i thought can that really happen, i mean love the pure form of it-self hate something? that cannot be so then i guess the question now is if love loves everything where did hate come from?

duh, human nature. ah bullux. human nature… man that’s some monkey nature…. eheheh oh yea we are monkeys. just a lil more susphistacated susposebly. yea i totally f’d that last sentence up. leave me alone, it’s the internets. but thats no excuse to show illiteracy.

i just realized that i will never get the answer to my question. booo to philosophy. cuz thats all it is. pooping on each side of the argument. youll go crazy if you try to argue with a philosopher. which reminds me of the great philosopher of my family, Philo. trust me you don’t want to attempt to argue with this guy. let me just explain how it’ll go down if you do try.

you’ll be all juiced up and agreed with that you feel like your 110% right. now imagine an elephants finished poop. that’s alot of poop. if you dont agree go check it out on youtube better yet ill post the link for you. and this just reminded me that yes elephant poop killed someone. but now imagine that someone being your argument. crushed under tons of elephant poop. so yea there you have it. if you don’t believe me, go ahead argue with him.

boo i have to sleep. i love and hate sleep. ahaha

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