oh well :P

so i just woke up from a very deep sleep and having the dream of being in a party not knowing it’s my own. It started with me and some friends asking girls to dance and walking around the party, until i said, hey guys if they don’t want to dance they don’t want to dance so i’m just ganna dance. then the girls said no we want to be with you, but not your friends. then i just started dancing. then these other two girl, a little bit on the heavy side, were dancing and i ended up dancing with my face between their hips. (yeah i know, i have no idea why lol.) after that i walked away and saw my last name in bubble letters written huge on a wall as i was going up some excalaters with comments such as cool! and nice! written all over it. as i got to the top of the excalater, on my left there was a clothing store and the manager was “crip walking” to the music down stairs, but there was very mellow chill music playing. then i went back down the excalatars and saw an extention of the dance floor. it seemed that i was in a hotel and the out side had a pool in the middle. i strapped my cousins dog princess to my chest and we went swimming. after that i walked around a bit and ran into a 4th cousin.(i have no idea what rank cousin he is but he far i think.) anyways he says how many people did you invite? at that point i was like me, i didn’t set up the party man. he says ok whatever just make sure they don’t pass those doors over there. he was wearing the waiters stuff lol. then i saw my extended family sitting at a table, telling me to make the cousins table the biggest. i tell my cousin consider it done. now i remember that i had the dog strapped to my chest so i took off my shirt and worried if the dog was dead. i layed her down and deflated the chest wrapping lots of air was being released lol it took a lil while. then my cousin who owns the dog, picked her up and she looked really skinny. i was like oh shit shes dead from my negligence in my thoughts. then my cousin kept repeating its ok mama. and then she open her eyes and wagged her tail. wahoo.

my interpretation.

at this point i wake up seeing that i left my itunes on. that explains the party setup and music lol.

then the girl scene i think was something to do with what would happen if i had ridiculous amounts of confidence.

the dog scene had to stem from my cousin telling me that if i had a dog, it would die in two days since i didn’t notice his dog left the room when i was too playing ps3 that night. 😀 hehehehee

the rest i have no clue what i saw the things i saw.

now that’s out of the way i wanted to actually blog about the status i put up on facebook after i woke up. “Jonathan is oh well. In the end we are just floating in space, and some people still choose ignorance.


take a look at that in detail. it’s pretty more than awesome. it’s spectacular.

so now what about the whole ignorance is bliss thing? ya that works in some situations, but i rather be more knowledgeable so i can think about the situation and be ready next time it pops up. it’s all about experience right?

i wish a new sport gets invented. i was bowling the other and im thinking hmmm we haven’t invented any new sh!t lately. speaking of inventions i’m still waiting for the worlds largest Hadron Collider  to prove mini black holes exist. before you call me crazy think about it. your going to say “oh noes!! a black hole what are you crazy!?!?!? you want to risk all of humanity so scientist can do some cool experiment??”

NO. that’s like saying right when you hear the word hindu person, you think of someone working in 7-11 and has the famous hindu accent that’s so fun to do. dont lie i know you made front of that accent at least once in your life. i mean probably you went as far as bobbling your head as you did it, hey everyone does it.that last part was very stereotypical by the way. back to the LHC. so as our world progresses alot of just live their daily life not giving a damn about anything until their life is threatened, then the rules all of a sudden change. i think you should only care about your life if you’ve actually done something important in the world and cared just a little bit. now what if your on the way to doing something important. why am i blogging about this? i just want to create awareness for people who throw trash on the ground. you know what next time i see it im going to say fuck you for throwing that on the ground. yes it’s a little un-kosher way to do it, but hey now it’s imprinted the the morons head to not throw the cigarette bud on the floor. thats the number one thing that really pisses my off other than people being ignorant on the whole world is going to end thing. HOW STUPID!

let’s talk about how my action will imprint it. since there was a strong emotion attached to that interaction, which most probably be anger since i said fuck you lol.

man that just reminded me on the idea that what if we made human brains our hard-drives for computers. now that’s loaded with some morality issues. is it a person, since everything else in the body is just a part to keep the brain working. imagine having to feed your computer so that your data stays alive. haha. i guess thats not efficient at all since it’ll be so expensive and when you stop feeding it it’ll die and there goes all your data. probably putting in a CO2 fridge would preserve it, but again cost and we can’t freeze our self without exploding the cells. so i guess its a cool idea but not a practical one. booo.

buuuuut, what im down to see is for the gaming world to have suits everyone puts on in a dark room with a helmet that covers your head. then everyone in the dark room is actually experiencing a virtual world like lets say a map in the game Halo and you can run around playing. that’d be so cool!man i can’t wait for the future. i just hope more and more educated people fill this world up instead of dumbasses. :/ we just gatta wait and see i guess.

ya you read that right. if you litter i think youre a dumbass. plain and simple. oh and also a selfish asshole. k.

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