how in the world did everything become so tangled up? i have several wires just sitting, the computer wires, any other wires. you leave them alone, and come back a year later, and they are so tangled up, that your left scratching your noggin saying

“what the ffff. how the hell did these wires get so tangled up even though i didn’t even touch them for years.”

its like they have sex or something because im sitting there untangling the hell outta these wires and then after im done there are these extra wires and i have no clue what they came from. wires have a mind of their own im telling you.

this is actually a metaphor for the world believe it or not. everything is so tangled up that i don’t even know where to begin to untangle it. the phrase that :war sucks” is so overused it’s like why the hell do we still do it? duh. conflict of interest. so why don’t we have a world court or something where countries can argue instead bust a big ass war and make the rest of the people miserable?

ughhhhhhhhh its so annoying. Well on the side note i just remembered that i wanted to share my philosophy on how we can all work together instead of fight all the time. ok this is really complicated actually since it definitely conflicts with religion beliefs out there, and i’m not sure it’ll be easy to implement lol. well it’s the idea that we humans are the God that everyone (exception of the Atheist), think is out there. so we all agree that His job is that he is the creator. k. now, we humans are evolving and keep on creating. this idea is what needs to be implemented in kindergartens. teach kids to create and continue to create for the betterment of the human civilization. (oh btw i was hiking today with family and saw the hottest woman.) ok there are the kids who don’t sit and pay attention or are angry at the world because of something that happened in the past, but that’s another issue that needs to be solved. communication is probably not being addressed well enough either. but back to creating. a prime example is the sentence, “God said let there be light, and there was light.” i have the power to do that now as well. everyone does. flick the light switch, but dont forget to say the majik words of “let there be light”. so now the argument against that i just thought of is well if He didn’t create that light, you wouldn’t be flicking on anything. but that’s missing my point. my point is to show that we are creating. but i still have to have a counter argument and what better one than the one and only CERN! wahooooooooooo!

my belief of the result in the perfection of this machine and process is that we are going to be able to create any element. i’m willing to bet my life for it. everything. it just makes perfect sense. here’s my reasoning for it.

first it starts off with, wait wow there is so much to explain. damn explanations, but they are key to communication. ok so before i start things off i would like to do a pre start with i don’t believe we had a big bang, i think it started with just a single something that evolved. why you ask? let me ask you….what are we and everything else in the whole cosmos doing? surviving. just living, becoming stronger to conditions around it so that once it’s reborn it survives longer than it did before. so the evolving whatever becomes more complicated in order to live longer. so it decays, then reforms into something a little bit longer lasting, but it disappears really fast again. and so the process goes on till it becomes a proton, a neutron, an electron, they become an atom, more of them become an element, more become molecules, and so forth until something as complicated as us humans or even more that i don’t know of.

k that’s out of the way, now we are at “to start things off”. a star. it is a cloud of gas that is being compacted because of the center of it’s gravity. it keeps wanted to crush it self into a single dot. that’s what gravity is. it pulls things together. why is that the job of gravity….. i dunno ask God lol. anyways so it get so crazyly compacted that it explodes and the gas gets spread out. when they start to get together again because of gravity, they compact again. this time, think of the compaction so hard and fierce that it starts to fuse atoms together creating a new type of gas. that keeps happening then BOOOM! then now think of that same action again but this time the core creates a 3rd new gas. BOOOOM! what i am explaining here, is the creation of the very elements that we know. it comes from stars.

ok did you think of that compaction in 3d? its basically a sphere collapsing on its self. though this type of collapse is not strong enough to hold light back. this is where a black “hole” comes in. i put “hole” in quotations because it’s not a hole. it LOOKS like a hole in space because your seeing a side of the sphere in space. think of holding a basket ball, better yet our own moon. at times when it’s not too close, when you look at it… ok EVEN better example. sorry lol. think of our sun. when we drew it on our paper in school, (oh the great innocent mind days :D) we drew the sun like a flat disk. a 2d representation of the sun, although now we know it’s a sphere. of course there is always the exceptional Asian who’s a prodigy and drew the sun all cool looking. but for the most part you get the idea. (not being stereotypical because everyone relates to it, i can guarantee or your money back)

now a black hole is the SAME THING. its a sphere thats collapsing, but this time the collapse is happening so fast that it exceeds the speed of light. its like…. think of the walls of a well. and the light is running up the wall. it can run up the wall at 186,000 miles per second. let’s say the walls are a treadmill now. and we turn up the speed of the treadmill faster than the speed of light. light can’t escape now. it can’t “run” fast enough up the wall. now down it goes. but down where? to a dot?

this is what we are trying to figure out. but we have all this STUPID ASS MUTHER FREAKN IGNORANT PIECES OF SH!T, stopping humanity from moving forward and creating. it boils my piss. they don’t even have the slightest idea, but bring up bullshit nostradamus scripts saying he said we are going to die from black holes. so all these dumbass people are like oh really…oh noes!!!1!1!11! we’re all ganna die, but yet they live their daily lives like a sheep shopping for whatever is mainstreamed so that they are not behind in being “cool”. what a load of bullux. this is where all that bullying and hatred stems from. you’re just not “cool”.

people, please. just create is all i ask, not destroy.

Barack Obama (U.S. president) said “the people of your country will evaluate you on what you can create, not what you can destroy”

(probably not exact, but its the exact idea.)

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