Taking It Too Far

Now I’m sure we all have had an incident we can recall in our magnificent minds, which retains information in random yet so eloquently organized web of neurons, where we have taken a certain action too far. What ever it may be, or if you are a human being who has not taken actions too far because of having a higher conscious about the limits to which an action will overstep the boundaries of the norms in the situation, then I would like to congratulate you on acquiring or inheriting that skill. Who am I to be giving a congratulations to you? Well if importance of stature matters to you, no one. on the other hand if you find that another human being in which you share this planet with is happy that you are one step closer to a higher evolution, it is here where the gratitude is most rewarding.

In the course of my life so far I have noticed that I could maybe be an adrenaline junkie. Always wanting that one extra notch for the higher rush to be achieved. My earliest memory is jumping on the bed when I was of a younger age. I cannot remember the precise age when this incident occurred, but I always like to choose the age of three. Could’ve been later, but I don’t really believe it’s that relevant to the story.

Finally, the boring part is out of the way, now for the juicy story. I was jumping on the bed, singing the usual song, little monkeys jumping on the bed, and having the aunts, uncles, and parents telling me to stop jumping on the bed. Of course I have to do it one more time really fast before they catch me doing it again. so i start jumping and start the song. now I’m on the last monkey, and yup, you’ve guessed it, i slip off the edge and knock my head into the corner of a dresser. after this point i don’t remember too much. i remember touching my head and it was wet. I was hoping it was water, but it was red. lol that last sentence sounded poetic just now for some reason. anyways the next thing i know is either my little sister or cousin telling the parents what had happened and they grab me and want to take my to the hospital. i remember fighting, kicking, and yelling that i was fine and didn’t want to go. The last detail i remember is seeing my uncle, dad and doctors with nurses holding me down, with me thinking. “don’t go to sleep. keep fighting it. you can get out of here.” then my eyes rolled back and bam i was gone.

for some time I’ve had dreams about this incident, which made me think that it was fictitious and it was all a bad dream. the proof of it being real is when ever i get a really short haircut, i have people telling me “oh wow! you have two swirly things.” (the part where your hair grows on your head)

comparing my actions of today up until this very moment in time, which time doesn’t exist by the way since humans have made it up.. and it’s totally relative thanks to awesomeness Albert Einstein, i still want to always go that one extra one time. one more time. one more. one.

the concept of infinity is to just add one to your current whatever you have. how can we explain these concepts, but cannot think even beyond what a few hundred really looks like. what really is one billion three hundred seventy thousand units of measurement. all i know that it is a lot, just like one million is. it’s just a lot, but that higher number is a lot a lot more. lol such terrible English on that last sentence.

well, if your a human reading this, and not one of the stupid Internet robots that are saving every millisecond of the Internet, i urge you to share your ideas, challenge my ideas, whatever you do, get your idea out. for one, i believe it is very therapeutic, for just now that this is ending i am feeling much, MUCH better than when i had started this blog entry.

i will now take the time and thank you for taking the time in reading this.


how did you reading this blog benefit me? it benefits me because i know that you have taken a little bit of your existence to see what another human beings interpretation of this world we both live in, is like.

so thank you once again.

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