i believe that being bored was the cause of the evolutionary chain for humans. animals do daily tasks that are repeated everyday without a conscious about it. when that evolutionary spark of being bored with doing that happened, it means that now you have a primate wanting to do one more than what is essential  or not to surviving.  so a culture is born to protect it’s survival. when the environment changes so does the need to be alive.. the bases of all the everything that is in existence. down to your atoms, quarks, and what-not.

i cannot concentrate because i am being too conscious on the fact that what i am explaining right now is in need of being formulated the correct way, in a specific sequence in order for my point to be conveyed to as many other beings as possible. if not, then that means i have to write this again and again in many different forms for the idea being expressed to be understood with a universal feeling.

let’s start at the beginning, shall we. 🙂 since everything decays into something else, i mean let’s think about it. everything turns into something else over time. so going down to the fundamental point of no return, (no just kidding) so going down to the fundamental point of what ever you would like to call it, the single dot that first existed, tries surviving or in other words tries staying in existence in the conditions that it is currently in. so it’s in empty space, with no gravity laws, as i know so far, well basically nothing to affect it’s anything. could that be the factor for it’s decay?

ah, i need someone to collaborate this stuff with so that i can continue explaining instead of just posing unanswered questions.

organized chaos

unorganized organization. is it possible? of course it is.

ok so our brains organizes everything it can. just look at the proof of random stars in the heavens above, but humans found a way to organize it. the most known example is the big dipper. and if you don’t know about the big dipper by now, what in the world are you doing. yes it could be called something else in your language but im sure you’ve heard of it. it helps you find the north star. the north star is a very interesting star and let me tell you right now that we are not going to have it anymore. yup that’s right. it’s going to disappear from our view. gone.

wait a minute. what if organizing had to do with the brain being bored. hmmm.. i’ll blog about this in another entry called Bored.

2 quick poems

here are two quick poems to celebrate happiness! w00t, the best feeling evar lol! they untitled, so title them yourself (:P)

What a day, what a night.
They past me by, without any fright.
On the final day, or final night, nothing is supposed to matter.
The only thing is, the people I left behind are going to be sadder.
Now now, I say, don’t cause any strife,
Instead, you should rejoice for you have witnessed the completion of life.

k second poem.

i urge you to watch me closely because i am your enemy.
now you ask why “be opposites if we can have neutrality?”
so then, what kind of world would it be,
if there weren’t any conflicting mentalities?