the way things just are

i would like to start off with being able to tap into a feeling that is new. for you it may or may not work since reading an explanation from me, firstly is probably going make very little sense, and secondly i don’t know if explaining a feeling that is new can be achieved.

start with thinking of your own hands. you can feel that they are present in your mind. as in you look at the wall but you know where your hands are. now think of your feet. you can feel them in you mind as well, even when not looking directly at them. what i’m trying to achieve is a full sense of every centimeter of the body at the same time. i guess this out lines astral projection, or lucid dreaming. just lay on your bed and think of every part of the body, but try to keep the feeling there as you move on to another part. maybe moving slowly from the tip of your toes to your toenails and just keep going progressing to the tip of your head. i haven’t achieved this yet, but im going to start from tonight before i go to sleep.

whats the purpose of being able to do this? well, for one i think it’ll arise a new feeling. usually the feeling i sense, or actually just conscious about is my hands, and it something unexpected touches me. such as tickling feeling of an ant crawling on my arm looking for a new adventure from his boring old every day walking back and forth bringing food for the community. or maybe not, that ant’s purpose is to actually venture out in hopes of finding new food then retracing his steps to leave a scent for the other ants to follow. yes yes, the new feeling we are trying to achieve here.

well i would say that’s it for the new feeling, but it did provoke another experiment that i failed to uphold. controlling time, which is absolutely possible since it’s only relative to you. of course hold your donkeys the explanation is coming. now i can be sure we’ve all had the feeling of when your having fun, time goes by real fast, and when you stare time dead in the face, 30 seconds can be the longest 30 seconds you have ever endured. (probably applies if your getting tortured. 30 seconds of torture will probably feel like forever.) well what am i getting at? and here we go. yea yea i know that line has been overused ever since the batman movie came out with awesome joker actor, but it doesn’t get old.
so it starts with actually being conscious of time all of the time and not using estimates anymore when someone asks you what time it is. you know the exactly what time it is, since your aware that the actions you perform take a certain amount of time. speeding up time and slowing it down will become very easy since you know exactly how long everything you need to do takes. but how will you know all that? you don’t, but your timing your actions as you perform them.
(hmm found this short excerpt i typed on “October 27, 2009 at 3:23:35 am.” but probably feel asleep and forgot to publish it lol. hope you enjoyed it >.<)

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