first and foremost of mosts, i feel as if an apology is needed for any readers, or not, for having such a delayed long awaited new post. a lot, and by a lot i mean you have to take my word for it and trust me when i say a lot, so yea a lot has happened since last time. no this won’t be a boring post, (ha how would i know it’s boring?) about what has happened since then, but I’m sure if you sit and think about all you have done since my last posted it piles up. slowly but surely. about that, you know we actually really take little things for granted. I’m not talking about things we don’t notice in this sense, I’m talking, err typing, about literally little things. like ants for instance. they are the cleaner uppers in our magnificently complex universe that we all live and enjoy. . . hopefully for the most part. but just even to sit, wait side tracking again I’m currently listing to Shapeshifter – summer haze, and i have to give my thanks. it’s very nice calm music. (for people who’ve read my other entry i posted another song that i was listing to which fit really well. having the cilia hairs dancing in my ear is a very pleasant experience. whoa amon tobin – at the end of the day just popped up, which i wanna make a video for soon, k back to the post!!) so ya the little things. shootstickals. i lost what i was wanting to express about it. ugh gimmie a moment here, ah ok i got it. ants work to eat. if our world didn’t have ants, well ok i see where this is going. we can choose anything in our world and when you make it disappear, there are going to be catastrophic consequences of epic proportions! DUN DUN DUN!!!! I’ve always wanted to do that. i never have done it through text though. I’m referring to the part of “catastrophic consequences of epic proportions!” i mean. so i take, my computer just notified me about an error. yes this is what i wanted to spill my guts out about; computers.

the speed at which, OH yeaa i remembered my little things thing i wanted to talk about! ok back to little things for a sec or a million. (a million is closer to the truth if your an avid reader of this blog ;D ) <– lol looks like a winking clown with the ;D).. the D is the nose not, and the ‘)’ is the mouth) ah ok stayyyy on the freakn point for once! gah! ok so little things we take for granted. for example you can stack 10 pieces of paper on top of each other. not that tall right, relatively speaking of course. holy shinangins, that’s amazing that we have to say relatively speaking because nothing is actually what it is. our eyes is the only “truth”, well i should say all the senses,  because some of us were dealt a different hand, if you know what i mean. if not, well I’m assuming you know what cards are, grr are dice older or a deck of cards? anyways the point is random. man oh man. does random even truly exist? i mean if our world is mumble jumble, and our brain is just organizing the mumble jumble in the best way it could, the most universally accepted way?, logically?, emotionally?. so many questions, and too little time to search for all the answers. unless of course, here’s another one coming, drumrolll…. DUN DUN DUN! we mesh with computers to speed up information gathering and sharing. wait maybe i shoulda done the DUN DUN DUN after i said the exiting moment. whatever i was really excited to say, type it.
yea, i just noticed i STILL haven’t tal.. typed about the little things. bear with me here. not with an actual bear just like stick with me.    -_-  <– perfect explanation of the expression i want to use. HA! don’t stick with me or hang on either, hmm what would be the proper term for hold on? i mean the “universally excepted” ‘oh i get what he’s sa… typing because we also use that term when we want someone to hold on.’ whateverrrrr moving right along. THE LITTLE THINGS. ill get to it one time or another. which is now. so the stack of papers, right, to us its not that thick and to ants its like a hill. if we where to add to it little by little it’ll grow. so in our daily life, even the littlest <— not possible huh? ok tiniest whatever you do, eating, actions, add up over time. in time it’ll be really powerful. the reason i am trying to discuss such a simple concept is because it is said that the human mind cannot understand exponetialness. sure we know what it is and we use it in mathematics and graphs, and whatever else, but to truly understand it is like seeing one million and seeing one billion in your brain. actually seeing it, no guesstimates like yea sure i can envision a million people in my head or a billion. it’s too large since in our daily lives we don’t deal with it. shhh u want a mind bender, the number of nope not even stars, thats a mind exploder imploder and a half, just think of the number of sand particles. only on one beach, only in one bucket, only in one hand full. its a ridiks number to think of. ok now think of the number of stars. puplllshhh. thats the sound of a vein exploding in my head, dunno about you. so did i get my message across eventually? i don’t know. probably not since i haven’t had a response, yet. thats another thing.
anything you think is impossible, you just have to add a yet at the end. why am i a believer in anything being possible? for one lets just say the Internet is limited to your imagination. you think of it and its made. weather that’s good or bad is not the question. this world, this world that we share, you and i, its quite uh, i dont have a word for it. it’s not possible to some it up in one word. well that leaves me to explain my pessimistic new user name huh. KruptWorld. what that supposed to be all about ay? welllllllll, for one it sounds dark you can agree right? having an alias online is another unwritten rule i have blindly turned my back on. with all the corporations being information hungry now i see why i shouldnt of been excited to make my self searchable. i might change my alias for which i have one already, but when i feel the world has more good then evil. well, i shouldnt say that, there is more good than evil or then everyone would be living unpeacefully. yea everyone suffers in there own way but come on. the very fact that you are reading this entry right now is proof that you’re just chilln as much as am. unless you’re in some dark cave shackled to the wall and for some crazyyyyyy probability they have this entry up for you to read, I’m sure you’re doing fine.
now I’m just ranting which means that our journey here for now is done. so you later alligators!

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