it has begun.

I believe after reading, this article it reminded me of IBM’S neural chip, , which i firmly now believe making a brain out of silicon and having it change if need be is fully possible. my only argument against making a brain in silicon was that the brain is dynamic and neurons get created and die all the time, right?  so how would a solid chip be able to “do” that.

for those who follow bleeding edge technology, i have ran out of arguments against creating a dynamic brain made with non biological material. the nano material combined with ibm’s structure chip is the key. this is going to be my first technological prediction for where technology is headed. my inspiration comes from Ray Kurzweil. i will not explain him because i think have in previous posts, and you can search for him and see his genius. anyways. the brain chip. yea. all we have to do now is wait. oh and survive of course. XD ah, don’t worry, i understand its wrong to make a joke about that since there are people in the world doing just that. surviving. instead of us lucky folks having time to sit and be on the computer. and if your reading this and don’t consider your self a lucky folk, well damn that’s too bad. how do you not realize that to even have access to the device you’re on to be reading this random post floating around in cyber space isn’t lucky?

i don’t mean to make you feel bad or anything, as they say im ‘juss sayn’.  lawl. now that you’re on board can you believe how fast our world is changing??? and it’s only going to get faster as Ray Kurzweil predicts. He says in fact so fast that we humans can’t keep up with it?

how humbling and sicK is that fact. (sick is a good term in todays slang words) you know though. ill be honest. half of me is scared to experience that because i dont want it to turn like everythings virtual, but to be able to switch back and forth from it. i think its really cool to be able to be in a virtual world, then be able to come back and be old school human once in a while. i do believe Ray mentions this, that’ll it’ll be no different and you can just choose what ever the hell you want. that’s good lol. well this onces a short blurp since i gatta do things im never ganna really do again…. 🙂


..nonono nothing sinister, im talking about brushing my teeth and just things that arent going to be needed to be done since nanobots will take care of all that at all times.

Chaotic Disrupters

that’s what we are. It makes total sense. We try to organize this “chaotic” world, but in actual reality it’s the other way around. The world is in order, and we are creating chaos by simply existing in it. Here is an example. It is impossible to take an exact copy, measurement. Or whatever of something since the very act of gathering information disrupts the original. Even now we are discovering that the very act of observing changes the behavior of particles.

so what does this all mean? well, it’s up for you to crate a meaning for it. it seems as of right now, all the other creatures we have come across don’t have the capacity to create meaning, so they’re just in pilot mode. who’s piloting them though? well, that’s what we are trying to find out.

btw, very quickly im listing to Tom Bowling by Numbernin6. really relaxing if you want to listen to it while reading…..

so will we ever find out whether the laws of physics is actually created by an agent?

oh yes we will… to be continues……