Chaotic Disrupters

that’s what we are. It makes total sense. We try to organize this “chaotic” world, but in actual reality it’s the other way around. The world is in order, and we are creating chaos by simply existing in it. Here is an example. It is impossible to take an exact copy, measurement. Or whatever of something since the very act of gathering information disrupts the original. Even now we are discovering that the very act of observing changes the behavior of particles.

so what does this all mean? well, it’s up for you to crate a meaning for it. it seems as of right now, all the other creatures we have come across don’t have the capacity to create meaning, so they’re just in pilot mode. who’s piloting them though? well, that’s what we are trying to find out.

btw, very quickly im listing to Tom Bowling by Numbernin6. really relaxing if you want to listen to it while reading…..

so will we ever find out whether the laws of physics is actually created by an agent?

oh yes we will… to be continues……

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