between two infinities.

That’s exactly right. I believe we exist between two infinities. What in tarnations does that exactly mean? Well I tell you. Oh yea, that’s right, I mean I’ll explain it because you at the current moment aren’t physically present for me to tell you. So let’s do a little bit of zooming in and zooming out starting at our current naked eye. First we’ll zoom in. Zoom in into our skin. Past our skin, going deeper. Now we are at the cellular level. Let’s keep on goin’. So now we are at the molecular level. Let’s go further. Now we are at the atomic level. Further I say! Electrons, so ok, we are now sub atomic. Can we go further? Yes, but I’d like to zoom out now because the next zoom in would be our last “stop”. I’ll explain everything hold your donkeys. Ok fast zoom out back to the naked eye level. Now let’s keep on doing what we were doing before, except, you guessed it just keep zooming out. Now we are at an airplane. Clouds, Atmosphere, Outer Space, viewing our galaxy, viewing our Universe. Now remember the last stop we did on the really tiny scale? The latest thing, to my knowledge, scientist found are things called quarks that make up those sub atomic particles. Do you see what I’m getting at now? I say we’ll never really find an end to either side of the way we zoom. Things will always get smaller and we can always just zoom out into infinity. So there yeah have it. We are the consciousness between the balance of these two infinities.

What does this have to do with anything? The fuck if I know. XD

P.S. re-read this while listing to future prophecies – Miniamba for extra brutality. you’re welcome. 😉

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