words of inspiratioN.

We all need it. There come times in life when sh!t is just too hectic and we are looking for anything that will constitute our current situation as being valid. Re-read and try to really soak in the next few words.

Be the person you are.

If you want to be [insert desired ‘whatever’ here. I write ‘whatever’ because i literally mean what ever. animal, occupation, etc.] If you want to be smooth, then you are smooth. If you want to be THE best thief, then you are THE best thief. Just as long as you are happy with who you are, that’s all that truly matters. Just imagine it, and you are. [ -_- not by magic and inaction, read on before you assume, jeesh. XD ]

Of course, the question is, “Well, wouldn’t peoples’ same desires collide with one another? For example two people wishing to the best in the same desire…”

True, very True. You need to create the desire you want to be. Every decision in moments of life keeps shaping that desire. Trust your self and you’ll see.

trust. your. self.

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