what the fuck. growing up i thought every question was answered. well i guess not huh. There are people who claim they have all the answers, and that’s exactly the problem. if there are multiple answers to a question then for me that’s proof that we havn’t found the answer for that question. we must continue to search until that questions answer is agreed upon. now the question, lol, is.. is it possible to reach an absolute agreement on the final answer?


That’s it! The reason why they say everything can be deduced to vibrations because everything is because everything is vibrations. Sounds, Light and Heat, covers all aspects no? Wave function, Vibration frequency function. That’s why!


if there is truly a creator, then his main purpose for creating, is balance. maybe this whole universe is an intricate design to balance out the existence of it’s existence. whoa confusing sentence there. i have come to the conclusion that life isnt about anything until one makes it so. you can choose to be a mindless follower of reaction or choose how you react. Choose one wisely. muhahahaha!

but for real. everything has to do with the balance of the universe. what really throws me in for a loop is how now there are balances for the balance it’s self. wuuuut!? so an example is how an atom has a proton, an electron and a neutron. or how ever many of each. the point is naturally, we think ok, proton is positive, electron is negative so hey, opposites. balance.