words of inspiratioN… 2 :D

there are somethings in our current gigantic world of ours that keep us guessing. guessing about the whole why what where and how. striving to answer these questions is the essence of our existence.

So you fucked up. So you haven’t found the answers. It’s ok. It’ll all be ok. Why is it so easy for me to say? Although I know it’s no where near anyone else’s rock bottom, I’ve hit my own before. I truly believe time does heal everything. It’s not the end, unless you make it so. It happens. We are human in the end, so just remember that. I’m not advocating to fuck up, and blame being human. Genuinely stating that if repeated mistakes are made without realization, you can fix it, no matter how terrible it is. You have to recognize the consequences, deal with them, then it’s over. It’s going to be rough. You will get through it.

I wanted to write something uplifting for those who needed it or not. Seriously. I think everyone needs a nice little reminder, including myself that every decision, small or grand does make a difference. It leads you into the infinite types of paths which are preset according to those very decisions you make. So you see, at anytime your path can take a different direction, if you fathom how to get there. You are in control. Of course there are the events in life that are not in your control that pushes you in different directions. The key is to not give up. Just don’t give up on the road you are building.

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