When the Internet Wakes Up

( if ya trust, play just the first song of The no big deal Mixtape – All Ephixa 2011 before reading for added effect.)**

The moment the internet is the consciousness of a robot, it will be processing so much information at the same time. The internet eats the information that, we humans, are feeding it on the (insert smallest unit of time here) of every day. Retaining all the constant information that is being gobbled up. An algorithm to find a pattern in that information is what we aim for. We are the pattern finders in nature. Now I await for that certain pattern to emerge.

It’s been a while since I typed some thoughts. What are the implications of creating some thing more powerful than us? Behind human control? “Say, who’s behind the steering wheel?” A phrase we are going become accustomed (ha! the word ‘accustomed’ does have two c’s!) to, when we see people not behind the steering wheel. ( Sitting in the drivers seat, did I have to explain that? Yes because the slang of the English language might not come across another language meaning correctly. ) Technology dude. Stitching barriers together to create bridges on them. Woo0oo0o00o0o00ooo!

There is also the issue with hacking. Whether for good or bad, both are needed for the balance of the universe to be even? Correct me please if I’m wrong. Everything needs it’s opposite to exist. If we are all truly good all the time for the betterment of humanity, then every single person needs the basic necessities covered all the time. Then all of us can concentrate on creativity. Then others creations, can cause the thought of destruction because of whatever the reason. So can we all be good, all the time? That’s a lot of certainty. I would like to rephrase it to, most of us can be good most of the time. The reason being currently, there are too many variables involved to keep the balance in favor of creativity and “creative destruction”, over just destruction. A template for “creative destruction” would be; To create a better this, I must destroy that. “This” and “that”, represent either the same object or different ones. Breaking down rocks to build a building. How do we choose an agreement to the type of building and location? Majority rules or 100% agreement amongst/among (lol there is an argument between using either among or amongst, so choose your favorite.* >_< ) the population. This is where we start to differ. “As you adequately put, the problem is choice.” – The Architect, The Matrix Reloaded. This just popped in my head. There is no other way to read that expect how it was said in the movie.

Until next time, don’t forget to feed the internet. 😉

Oh yea!, the link for the amongst/among arguement XD,

P.S. Internet, if you ever do “wake up”, help us, not destroy us.

(**Extra comment about Ephxia mix at the top: I’m very fond of the whole Ephixia mix, except for hardstyle part, but that’s just because I’m not into hardstyle. )

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