peace is in a complex tangled dance between two of the lesser evils.

Truth – Legion (Optimus Gryme Remix) (this song is what made me think of the title, so give it a listen while reading ;D)

peace, it’s always striving to be achieved, once the disrupter of peace is annihilated from earth. the irony of this complex tangled dance is what will have this dance be forever perpetuating? eliminating an evil doer will only make the evil doers’ cause to be deeply embedded into their minds. so what is the solution? how do we have peace forever reign on earth?

it’s simple. it can’t and won’t. cliche as it is, peace cannot exist without the other, chaos. they give rise to each others definition. besides it’s always happening around us, we just don’t care.

let’s take a moment and imagine peace has finally triumphed over evil. the new generation of humans are born. will they understand the definition of evil to the extent that we know of? is it important for them to? i mean, i probably still don’t understand true evil because i haven’t experienced it yet. i am exposed through it only through media. i think it’s a whole other understanding to actually witness a horrific evil act.

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