The internet has aw0ken.

Everything has its path of predictability dude. “quantum physics is collapsing the waves of probability before you.” this sentence came out of my head from which i think is the product of watching “what the bleep do we know” video.

i’m going to try and be as coherent as possible because i would like to release something i want to experience physically of all my own senses. i held on to this because i wanted to create this with my own financial means and views, but it’s been eating my brain to get out. i thought i had written this down before.

This is how i want it to start.

Everything in the world is either matter or energy according to the famous E=mc^2 equation. if matter can never be destroyed or vice versa then the system becomes more complex and as it evolves forward. i would like believe everything started from a first conscious, what ever consciousness may be. since everything has a half-life, this “first consciousness” at one point in the history of time, decays. thus giving birth to the first smallest unit of matter we currently observe, which is “most notably fermions, hadrons and bosons.” and now, the cycle starts over, those three decay into energy, giving birth to a new complexity. So as this cycle goes back and forth, converting to energy, then back out to matter, but with a step forward in complexity. let’s jump ahead to creating the first atom. just one electron, one proton and one neutron. as you go forward in the right, down, or the angles between those directions, you will find a more complex atom than the one before. now keep binding these elements together in a bigger group and we get into deeper forms of complexity. skipping ahead to molecules, dna, organs, brains, consciousness. whether it’s tangible or not, we can agree on that we all contain a form of consciousness. other life forms, when we have the permission to create them, do as well.

anyways my point is the complexity is rising as time moves forward. skipping ahead to our creations of one computer to all connected computers. humans are feeding the internet on the tiniest time scale we can observe at any given time. storing information since when we started to store information, retrieving any bit asked for with precise precision. we are now getting closer to uploading our brains directly to it, thus reuniting the first consciousness that decayed in the beginning. this is the exact moment when the internet wakes up. it is the sum of all information ever. it just that the first consciousness that decayed, has been split apart, since it was turning to more complex forms of matter.

some how i would like to tie this in with this movie idea. i want it to be about the resistance of “pure human born people” vs. “forced by law, humans being put into machines since birth. to which you were born from a machine.” in the beginning there is a corporation which manufactured the first machines which humans can integrate to. after some time it became law to be integrated from birth.

i also want sick ass assassins that have been trained to know time at any given moment to the seconds.

will evil or good come it? it stops here. the eating has stopped.

i shouldn’t have let this build up but now it’s out. i can rest.

oh ya, the path of predictability. a realization that my friend nema helped me come to. i believe we have free will in the “limitation” of choosing unlimited amount of pre-determined paths. now these paths are governed by balance. just as the mathematics of equations needs to stay balanced. an example would be if i were to throw a ball, it always has a predetermined path no matter what i do because the laws of physics govern it. i have infinite ways of throwing that ball to display its infinite paths. i feel strongly about it being a metaphor for life. you have infinite ways to live your life, but each path already has it’s probability of whats going to happen. since you have the free will to choose these paths, it is in your control to strive for the desired path, whatever that path is. some paths are harder to target on because the amount of fine tuning it takes to get the variables right, in order for the equation of that path to balance out.

ok now, its definitely all out.