The story.

I cannot let these thoughts rent space any longer. I must see the manifestation of them in order to satisfy the need to create. I’m afraid it’ll grow beyond my own control, so here goes nothing.

There is a truth that is imperative to be excavated.

“Pahpaa…?” (last to second a is high, then the last a is low, sorry don’t know the accents for them.) “Yes my darlin'”, Pahpah answered.

“Then why are there accidents?”

“We haven’t figured out that part of the system yet”, he gently replies as he tucks her into bed.

The moment his synapses were done firing that helped his breath and tongue utter the end of the word yet, one synapse had branched off to remind him of a faint distinct yell ringing in his head, “What makes you so sure you even will?!?”

It was the voice of his ego that Pahpah had declared war with ever since he discovered it.

Because deducing from observing the history of our curios nature, it’s inevitable that I will. His mind started to race. Drawn into another battle he is excited to fight. He quickly, as soft as he could, gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Now he backs away ever so moderately, as he goes to unravel the mystery behind the accidents.

The final missing piece to understanding the truth is accidents. These accidents set to motion a new, certain, infinitely random, path of life which is bound by the laws of physics. These paths of life are only created in that very minuscule moment of when the future becomes the past.
Wait, so the ‘random’ events that happen all around us, all the time, are just sequences of mere coincidences? Is that what coincidence means…? Well the dictionary explains it’s a word for the chance of two or more events occurring at a time. Then that makes coincidences, connections created by the observer alone…

He shakes his head side to side while closing his eyes to quickly snap out of the battle. Pahpah was taught not to stay in battle for too long, for this is also what the ego wants. A very tricky yin and yang game must be played in order to win the war for good.

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