Ultimate Control

Our cells interact with each other in unison to which, at one point, they meet for us to take control. But how much control do we have?
All interactions, or is it all, interactions can be influenced by emotion. Is emotion always guided by being the byproduct of the environment?

How much percent are we in absolute control of our mind?

What if we find a way to bypass the automatic processes that our brain does on a daily basis; such has controlling breathing because it needs oxygen. (oxigen, oxyjin lol!)

If we were to replace the function of lungs with an efficient (is that subjective?) machine; which the only flaw that i can conceive of, for the replacement, is that it gets tired?

Machines take longer than us to get ‘tired’.¬†The Machines’ determining factor for getting ‘tired’, is the material that it is made of.

“Our muscles, for instance, get tired because (grab the most up to date scientific biological information from (trusted source) and insert here).”¬†George stared at the blinking cursor on the screen as he just finished typing another line of pre-code.

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