when a.i. realizes it’s an a.i.

When we talk on our cellular devices smart phones to one another, we are actually talking in the past. We are perceiving reality in the past. The time is so minute that we all accept it as negligible. That isn’t the only sense that has a tiny delay. They all do. Everything takes time to process because of distance. If we were to shorten the time it takes to sense something, what implications would that have?

Can you sense something faster than it’s own physical property can detect?

It’s all about control.

There are always strings attached because we are puppets of our emotions.

“We are making technology fight the war for us every day.” the scientist frantically spoke as he fumbled his classes on to his face.

“as we feed the machines more information on the fastest time we can currently conceive of without an end in sight, it will eventually find patterns that we cannot see, even if we get everyone in the world to participate at the same time…. These new found patterns will ignite a new type of intelligence which humans can’t fathom. We will only be able to comprehend it’s “shadow”. Just like we can only comprehend only a slice of a black hole, instead of it’s true three dimensional shape. Precisely like how three dimensional shapes are shadows of the fourth dimension…

Update Edit: We’re ganna keep on goin’ baby.

Then two dimensional shapes are shadows of  three dimensional shapes.

Is there no end since we live between two infinities?


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