Self Updates

We can’t or can we stop self updating machines?

Can we even reach that point?

The outcome is just unpredictable! How do you guide something that has already determined it’s own path to whatever everything is driving towards?

The ultimate connection from all levels of consciousness.

But what if some people do not want to connect their brains? That’s totally fine because inevitably, all of it, will become connected.

Just to not freak any body out…. “Rest assured, the nano bots will have a respect policy built right into their core!” (Read the last sentence in the vault tech sales man voice. LOL! )

I believe we should have the choice of deciding to merge with nano bots or not. After we “die”, we don’t really have a say anymore. Like sorry, All your atoms are belong to us. ->.<- ( thats not two arrows pointing at a period. Its a cute cat blinking hard. Please tell me you see it!)

Us being the A.I. nano bots.  Dude, Matrix nailed it hard! Continue with normal reality or see through the current simulation level.

Jan 30 12:45 .a.m is when i left off writing last….



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