small prelude: I have realized that it was more conspiracy crazed people miss interpreting and making up things nostradamus never said. still hate him though. This blog also turned into an expression of my thoughts, since it seemed boring to only post links to other people’s work on debunking him. Also it all seems so obvious when you read any of his work.

First I would like to give you a nice cozy worm welcome to my blog site. Also, to clear out confusion first, because trust me, reading any sentence on this website will have you saying ‘wtf’ at one point. Guaranteed. Let me start off with the title of this website and how it’s history. I’m really psyched for the new experiment CERN is conducting.

I’m having a bit of an issue at the moment in deciding whether to use formal or informal grammar.

wow there’s so much explaining to do.

so CERN is an European laboratory that’s underground and about 27 km wide i believe. talk about crazy scientist sh!t. anyways, the reason for my excitement is that now, the scientists have created the world’s largest particle accelerator, again. It is theorized that with this new particle accelerator, a mini black hole can be created. do you know what that means? if not, i may have an explanation. you’re the type of person that if something works, it works, who cares. if the object or whatever benefits me then what the hell do i care how it came about, etc. for instance all the technology you’re using, i dunno how you’re not tripping out like i am. why do i find everything so amusing you ask. it’s because we’re freakn’ cave man at some point in our damn history. so coming out of a forest to making objects out of nowhere is quite amazing.

ok lets go back to how this site came about. we already lost track here. so creating a mini black hole means that anything in this world, we humans will be able to be create. ANYTHING. how is that possible? that will be explained in future blogs to come, but i have to stay on the task at hand. now, i was looking up updated news on CERN and when they are finally going to conduct the damn experiment. i can’t wait anymore. as i was researching, i came across an article where good ol’ nostradamus had a ‘prediction’ about the black hole that’s going to destroy earth. well [email protected] him cuz hes actually full of shit. you know that sentence ” full of shit” is really funny too. when ever i hear that phrase i want to respond… aren’t we all? i mean unless you had some laxatives in the past few hours you should be good.

errr back to how this site name came about….. fartsadamus is so easy because he talks in such broad terms. so this douchbag talks in wide broad general terms JUST LIKE ASTROLOGY, OH WHAT BULLLLL, that’s a whole other subject that can go to hell with this bullsh!t of a person. why i hate this guy, which by the way i never hated anyone, just caused fear in everyone. saying he predicted this that , end of the world. oh since i mentioned the end of the world, please do some research… all it is is a new era that we are moving into. the north star isn’t going to be our north star anymore. we’re moving from Sagittarius to Pieces i think…. yea that’s astrology. but in the correct way. it was created to make our chaotic heavens more manageable, so when we look at the sky at night we don’t flip out and go WHAT THE [email protected] is going on. our brains are constantly trying to organize everything.

i need to stay on track so ill move to a new paragraph. so this nostradamus dofus has created all this panic among ignorant people about this mini black hole gobbling up our world. let me assure you that it is impossible. i’m a person who says anything is possible, but i refer to that as the abilities of a human. i am a man of science. i really hope that dumb people don’t get in the way of CERN because those are the people who don’t let humans progress. i decided that i’ll create a blog and expose that fake. whatever that means…

till next time over and out.

p.s. i hate nostradamus.

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