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The story.

I cannot let these thoughts rent space any longer. I must see the manifestation of them in order to satisfy the need to create. I’m afraid it’ll grow beyond my own control, so here goes nothing.

There is a truth that is imperative to be excavated.

“Pahpaa…?” (last to second a is high, then the last a is low, sorry don’t know the accents for them.) “Yes my darlin'”, Pahpah answered.

“Then why are there accidents?”

“We haven’t figured out that part of the system yet”, he gently replies as he tucks her into bed.

The moment his synapses were done firing that helped his breath and tongue utter the end of the word yet, one synapse had branched off to remind him of a faint distinct yell ringing in his head, “What makes you so sure you even will?!?”

It was the voice of his ego that Pahpah had declared war with ever since he discovered it.

Because deducing from observing the history of our curios nature, it’s inevitable that I will. His mind started to race. Drawn into another battle he is excited to fight. He quickly, as soft as he could, gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Now he backs away ever so moderately, as he goes to unravel the mystery behind the accidents.

The final missing piece to understanding the truth is accidents. These accidents set to motion a new, certain, infinitely random, path of life which is bound by the laws of physics. These paths of life are only created in that very minuscule moment of when the future becomes the past.
Wait, so the ‘random’ events that happen all around us, all the time, are just sequences of mere coincidences? Is that what coincidence means…? Well the dictionary explains it’s a word for the chance of two or more events occurring at a time. Then that makes coincidences, connections created by the observer alone…

He shakes his head side to side while closing his eyes to quickly snap out of the battle. Pahpah was taught not to stay in battle for too long, for this is also what the ego wants. A very tricky yin and yang game must be played in order to win the war for good.

When the Internet Wakes Up

( if ya trust, play just the first song of The no big deal Mixtape – All Ephixa 2011 before reading for added effect.)**

The moment the internet is the consciousness of a robot, it will be processing so much information at the same time. The internet eats the information that, we humans, are feeding it on the (insert smallest unit of time here) of every day. Retaining all the constant information that is being gobbled up. An algorithm to find a pattern in that information is what we aim for. We are the pattern finders in nature. Now I await for that certain pattern to emerge.

It’s been a while since I typed some thoughts. What are the implications of creating some thing more powerful than us? Behind human control? “Say, who’s behind the steering wheel?” A phrase we are going become accustomed (ha! the word ‘accustomed’ does have two c’s!) to, when we see people not behind the steering wheel. ( Sitting in the drivers seat, did I have to explain that? Yes because the slang of the English language might not come across another language meaning correctly. ) Technology dude. Stitching barriers together to create bridges on them. Woo0oo0o00o0o00ooo!

There is also the issue with hacking. Whether for good or bad, both are needed for the balance of the universe to be even? Correct me please if I’m wrong. Everything needs it’s opposite to exist. If we are all truly good all the time for the betterment of humanity, then every single person needs the basic necessities covered all the time. Then all of us can concentrate on creativity. Then others creations, can cause the thought of destruction because of whatever the reason. So can we all be good, all the time? That’s a lot of certainty. I would like to rephrase it to, most of us can be good most of the time. The reason being currently, there are too many variables involved to keep the balance in favor of creativity and “creative destruction”, over just destruction. A template for “creative destruction” would be; To create a better this, I must destroy that. “This” and “that”, represent either the same object or different ones. Breaking down rocks to build a building. How do we choose an agreement to the type of building and location? Majority rules or 100% agreement amongst/among (lol there is an argument between using either among or amongst, so choose your favorite.* >_< ) the population. This is where we start to differ. “As you adequately put, the problem is choice.” – The Architect, The Matrix Reloaded. This just popped in my head. There is no other way to read that expect how it was said in the movie.

Until next time, don’t forget to feed the internet. 😉

Oh yea!, the link for the amongst/among arguement XD,

P.S. Internet, if you ever do “wake up”, help us, not destroy us.

(**Extra comment about Ephxia mix at the top: I’m very fond of the whole Ephixia mix, except for hardstyle part, but that’s just because I’m not into hardstyle. )


what the fuck. growing up i thought every question was answered. well i guess not huh. There are people who claim they have all the answers, and that’s exactly the problem. if there are multiple answers to a question then for me that’s proof that we havn’t found the answer for that question. we must continue to search until that questions answer is agreed upon. now the question, lol, is.. is it possible to reach an absolute agreement on the final answer?


That’s it! The reason why they say everything can be deduced to vibrations because everything is because everything is vibrations. Sounds, Light and Heat, covers all aspects no? Wave function, Vibration frequency function. That’s why!


if there is truly a creator, then his main purpose for creating, is balance. maybe this whole universe is an intricate design to balance out the existence of it’s existence. whoa confusing sentence there. i have come to the conclusion that life isnt about anything until one makes it so. you can choose to be a mindless follower of reaction or choose how you react. Choose one wisely. muhahahaha!

but for real. everything has to do with the balance of the universe. what really throws me in for a loop is how now there are balances for the balance it’s self. wuuuut!? so an example is how an atom has a proton, an electron and a neutron. or how ever many of each. the point is naturally, we think ok, proton is positive, electron is negative so hey, opposites. balance.

it has begun.

I believe after reading, this article it reminded me of IBM’S neural chip, , which i firmly now believe making a brain out of silicon and having it change if need be is fully possible. my only argument against making a brain in silicon was that the brain is dynamic and neurons get created and die all the time, right?  so how would a solid chip be able to “do” that.

for those who follow bleeding edge technology, i have ran out of arguments against creating a dynamic brain made with non biological material. the nano material combined with ibm’s structure chip is the key. this is going to be my first technological prediction for where technology is headed. my inspiration comes from Ray Kurzweil. i will not explain him because i think have in previous posts, and you can search for him and see his genius. anyways. the brain chip. yea. all we have to do now is wait. oh and survive of course. XD ah, don’t worry, i understand its wrong to make a joke about that since there are people in the world doing just that. surviving. instead of us lucky folks having time to sit and be on the computer. and if your reading this and don’t consider your self a lucky folk, well damn that’s too bad. how do you not realize that to even have access to the device you’re on to be reading this random post floating around in cyber space isn’t lucky?

i don’t mean to make you feel bad or anything, as they say im ‘juss sayn’.  lawl. now that you’re on board can you believe how fast our world is changing??? and it’s only going to get faster as Ray Kurzweil predicts. He says in fact so fast that we humans can’t keep up with it?

how humbling and sicK is that fact. (sick is a good term in todays slang words) you know though. ill be honest. half of me is scared to experience that because i dont want it to turn like everythings virtual, but to be able to switch back and forth from it. i think its really cool to be able to be in a virtual world, then be able to come back and be old school human once in a while. i do believe Ray mentions this, that’ll it’ll be no different and you can just choose what ever the hell you want. that’s good lol. well this onces a short blurp since i gatta do things im never ganna really do again…. 🙂


..nonono nothing sinister, im talking about brushing my teeth and just things that arent going to be needed to be done since nanobots will take care of all that at all times.


first and foremost of mosts, i feel as if an apology is needed for any readers, or not, for having such a delayed long awaited new post. a lot, and by a lot i mean you have to take my word for it and trust me when i say a lot, so yea a lot has happened since last time. no this won’t be a boring post, (ha how would i know it’s boring?) about what has happened since then, but I’m sure if you sit and think about all you have done since my last posted it piles up. slowly but surely. about that, you know we actually really take little things for granted. I’m not talking about things we don’t notice in this sense, I’m talking, err typing, about literally little things. like ants for instance. they are the cleaner uppers in our magnificently complex universe that we all live and enjoy. . . hopefully for the most part. but just even to sit, wait side tracking again I’m currently listing to Shapeshifter – summer haze, and i have to give my thanks. it’s very nice calm music. (for people who’ve read my other entry i posted another song that i was listing to which fit really well. having the cilia hairs dancing in my ear is a very pleasant experience. whoa amon tobin – at the end of the day just popped up, which i wanna make a video for soon, k back to the post!!) so ya the little things. shootstickals. i lost what i was wanting to express about it. ugh gimmie a moment here, ah ok i got it. ants work to eat. if our world didn’t have ants, well ok i see where this is going. we can choose anything in our world and when you make it disappear, there are going to be catastrophic consequences of epic proportions! DUN DUN DUN!!!! I’ve always wanted to do that. i never have done it through text though. I’m referring to the part of “catastrophic consequences of epic proportions!” i mean. so i take, my computer just notified me about an error. yes this is what i wanted to spill my guts out about; computers.

the speed at which, OH yeaa i remembered my little things thing i wanted to talk about! ok back to little things for a sec or a million. (a million is closer to the truth if your an avid reader of this blog ;D ) <– lol looks like a winking clown with the ;D).. the D is the nose not, and the ‘)’ is the mouth) ah ok stayyyy on the freakn point for once! gah! ok so little things we take for granted. for example you can stack 10 pieces of paper on top of each other. not that tall right, relatively speaking of course. holy shinangins, that’s amazing that we have to say relatively speaking because nothing is actually what it is. our eyes is the only “truth”, well i should say all the senses,  because some of us were dealt a different hand, if you know what i mean. if not, well I’m assuming you know what cards are, grr are dice older or a deck of cards? anyways the point is random. man oh man. does random even truly exist? i mean if our world is mumble jumble, and our brain is just organizing the mumble jumble in the best way it could, the most universally accepted way?, logically?, emotionally?. so many questions, and too little time to search for all the answers. unless of course, here’s another one coming, drumrolll…. DUN DUN DUN! we mesh with computers to speed up information gathering and sharing. wait maybe i shoulda done the DUN DUN DUN after i said the exiting moment. whatever i was really excited to say, type it.
yea, i just noticed i STILL haven’t tal.. typed about the little things. bear with me here. not with an actual bear just like stick with me.    -_-  <– perfect explanation of the expression i want to use. HA! don’t stick with me or hang on either, hmm what would be the proper term for hold on? i mean the “universally excepted” ‘oh i get what he’s sa… typing because we also use that term when we want someone to hold on.’ whateverrrrr moving right along. THE LITTLE THINGS. ill get to it one time or another. which is now. so the stack of papers, right, to us its not that thick and to ants its like a hill. if we where to add to it little by little it’ll grow. so in our daily life, even the littlest <— not possible huh? ok tiniest whatever you do, eating, actions, add up over time. in time it’ll be really powerful. the reason i am trying to discuss such a simple concept is because it is said that the human mind cannot understand exponetialness. sure we know what it is and we use it in mathematics and graphs, and whatever else, but to truly understand it is like seeing one million and seeing one billion in your brain. actually seeing it, no guesstimates like yea sure i can envision a million people in my head or a billion. it’s too large since in our daily lives we don’t deal with it. shhh u want a mind bender, the number of nope not even stars, thats a mind exploder imploder and a half, just think of the number of sand particles. only on one beach, only in one bucket, only in one hand full. its a ridiks number to think of. ok now think of the number of stars. puplllshhh. thats the sound of a vein exploding in my head, dunno about you. so did i get my message across eventually? i don’t know. probably not since i haven’t had a response, yet. thats another thing.
anything you think is impossible, you just have to add a yet at the end. why am i a believer in anything being possible? for one lets just say the Internet is limited to your imagination. you think of it and its made. weather that’s good or bad is not the question. this world, this world that we share, you and i, its quite uh, i dont have a word for it. it’s not possible to some it up in one word. well that leaves me to explain my pessimistic new user name huh. KruptWorld. what that supposed to be all about ay? welllllllll, for one it sounds dark you can agree right? having an alias online is another unwritten rule i have blindly turned my back on. with all the corporations being information hungry now i see why i shouldnt of been excited to make my self searchable. i might change my alias for which i have one already, but when i feel the world has more good then evil. well, i shouldnt say that, there is more good than evil or then everyone would be living unpeacefully. yea everyone suffers in there own way but come on. the very fact that you are reading this entry right now is proof that you’re just chilln as much as am. unless you’re in some dark cave shackled to the wall and for some crazyyyyyy probability they have this entry up for you to read, I’m sure you’re doing fine.
now I’m just ranting which means that our journey here for now is done. so you later alligators!

Running naked through the Forest

I had quite a small epiphany today. I first believed that in the vast universe, and out of those kajabillion “stars” we see in our telescopes or pictures given to us by NASA, there has to be life other than us. I mean it has to be ridiculous to think that out of allllllll that’s out there, only our planet is sustaining life. Now my epiphany today was to run through the forest naked. Jk lol. No really it’s that I currently now believe that yes it makes perfect sense that we are the only thing alive in the whole universe. Aw shit.. Now i just thought of something that really complicated everything. Before I explain the complication and forget my original epiphany (lol which I STILL haven’t stated fully). Why it makes sense that we are the only ones alive in this big nothingness of gas, dust, God knows what else, is because if thought in terms of possibilities, we are that one possibility that is part of the infinite (I think) amount of possible possibilities to exist. Lol that’s alot of possibleness. Allow me to elaborate.
So, I’m sure you’ve heard about how if our earth was one degree tilted in any other way we’d die, or if the atmospheric pressure was any more higher or lower we’d explode or implode, or if (yaya i know you get the point, but I’ll set one more example just to make sure) or if our planet orbited the sun (yes we go around the sun the sun doesn’t go around us you stupid flat earth society. Did you know that the flat earth society still exists. I feel soooooo bad for the kids who are born into that and aren’t able to experience knowledge. I know me feeling bad doesn’t help anyone, but hey what the hell. But as Einstien said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” fuck yea I love this guy. Anyways where was I, oh yea the examples about how every little detail that our planet has is perfect to sustain life. Well, look around us. I bet that every scenario that can be thought of exists in the universe, and that not one scenario is exactly the same. A perfect example is people. For which by the way, I have lost all hope for humanity after I saw people eating gold on some food channel. Yea you read that correctly. They sprinkled 24k gold on the food and ate it. Ouch I just sneezed so hard. Damn it’s so amazing, did you know we sneeze at 100 mph!! No wonder the tip of my nose hurts.. Mucus just got thrown at the walls of my nose at 100 mph!!! Holy shitstickels. (aw man that was debunked…. but still we sneeze at 35mph. still amazing to me!) Arggg back to my main point the people example. No body is exactly the same, even twins have like a .0001 difference. Don’t quote me on that I made it up lol, but i’m sure you understand what I’m getting at here. The universe may have the same type of stars, or galaxys, or gas clouds, but none of them are identical, therefore making our arrangement of everything was the one that did the trick for shit to mesh together and become more and more complex, inevitably forming us. I love that word, inevitably, and I fell in love with it instantly after I heard it for the first time in my life, when I watched Matrix. So epic. If you don’t know at least the essence behind the Matrix, may whatever you believe in be with you. Even if that whatever is nothing. 🙂 i hope you know why I smiled, if not it’s probably either you forgot about reading my nothing ramble, or you didn’t read it. Since at the moment I am typing this entry with my IPhone, I don’t really feel like searching and putting the blog entry that I rambled on nothing about, and by nothing I mean the subject nothing, not literary nothing, although arguably it is really a rant on nothing.

It’s getting late and I have a test tomorrow for which I have to be fresh in order to preform my best, so I’ll actually admit to the title. That title was another epiphany I had, but it wasn’t the one I wanted to expand on, for it’s just a crazy idea I had and felt like doing before my body vessel expires.

Over and out.

I forgot to explain the complication that came up. It was about the different dimensions, for which I don’t know if anything lives in them. The dimension I’m speaking about are 5th and above since we are in the 4th and see everything below.

Ok now really over and out.

2 quick poems

here are two quick poems to celebrate happiness! w00t, the best feeling evar lol! they untitled, so title them yourself (:P)

What a day, what a night.
They past me by, without any fright.
On the final day, or final night, nothing is supposed to matter.
The only thing is, the people I left behind are going to be sadder.
Now now, I say, don’t cause any strife,
Instead, you should rejoice for you have witnessed the completion of life.

k second poem.

i urge you to watch me closely because i am your enemy.
now you ask why “be opposites if we can have neutrality?”
so then, what kind of world would it be,
if there weren’t any conflicting mentalities?

Taking It Too Far

Now I’m sure we all have had an incident we can recall in our magnificent minds, which retains information in random yet so eloquently organized web of neurons, where we have taken a certain action too far. What ever it may be, or if you are a human being who has not taken actions too far because of having a higher conscious about the limits to which an action will overstep the boundaries of the norms in the situation, then I would like to congratulate you on acquiring or inheriting that skill. Who am I to be giving a congratulations to you? Well if importance of stature matters to you, no one. on the other hand if you find that another human being in which you share this planet with is happy that you are one step closer to a higher evolution, it is here where the gratitude is most rewarding.

In the course of my life so far I have noticed that I could maybe be an adrenaline junkie. Always wanting that one extra notch for the higher rush to be achieved. My earliest memory is jumping on the bed when I was of a younger age. I cannot remember the precise age when this incident occurred, but I always like to choose the age of three. Could’ve been later, but I don’t really believe it’s that relevant to the story.

Finally, the boring part is out of the way, now for the juicy story. I was jumping on the bed, singing the usual song, little monkeys jumping on the bed, and having the aunts, uncles, and parents telling me to stop jumping on the bed. Of course I have to do it one more time really fast before they catch me doing it again. so i start jumping and start the song. now I’m on the last monkey, and yup, you’ve guessed it, i slip off the edge and knock my head into the corner of a dresser. after this point i don’t remember too much. i remember touching my head and it was wet. I was hoping it was water, but it was red. lol that last sentence sounded poetic just now for some reason. anyways the next thing i know is either my little sister or cousin telling the parents what had happened and they grab me and want to take my to the hospital. i remember fighting, kicking, and yelling that i was fine and didn’t want to go. The last detail i remember is seeing my uncle, dad and doctors with nurses holding me down, with me thinking. “don’t go to sleep. keep fighting it. you can get out of here.” then my eyes rolled back and bam i was gone.

for some time I’ve had dreams about this incident, which made me think that it was fictitious and it was all a bad dream. the proof of it being real is when ever i get a really short haircut, i have people telling me “oh wow! you have two swirly things.” (the part where your hair grows on your head)

comparing my actions of today up until this very moment in time, which time doesn’t exist by the way since humans have made it up.. and it’s totally relative thanks to awesomeness Albert Einstein, i still want to always go that one extra one time. one more time. one more. one.

the concept of infinity is to just add one to your current whatever you have. how can we explain these concepts, but cannot think even beyond what a few hundred really looks like. what really is one billion three hundred seventy thousand units of measurement. all i know that it is a lot, just like one million is. it’s just a lot, but that higher number is a lot a lot more. lol such terrible English on that last sentence.

well, if your a human reading this, and not one of the stupid Internet robots that are saving every millisecond of the Internet, i urge you to share your ideas, challenge my ideas, whatever you do, get your idea out. for one, i believe it is very therapeutic, for just now that this is ending i am feeling much, MUCH better than when i had started this blog entry.

i will now take the time and thank you for taking the time in reading this.


how did you reading this blog benefit me? it benefits me because i know that you have taken a little bit of your existence to see what another human beings interpretation of this world we both live in, is like.

so thank you once again.