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how in the world did everything become so tangled up? i have several wires just sitting, the computer wires, any other wires. you leave them alone, and come back a year later, and they are so tangled up, that your left scratching your noggin saying

“what the ffff. how the hell did these wires get so tangled up even though i didn’t even touch them for years.”

its like they have sex or something because im sitting there untangling the hell outta these wires and then after im done there are these extra wires and i have no clue what they came from. wires have a mind of their own im telling you.

this is actually a metaphor for the world believe it or not. everything is so tangled up that i don’t even know where to begin to untangle it. the phrase that :war sucks” is so overused it’s like why the hell do we still do it? duh. conflict of interest. so why don’t we have a world court or something where countries can argue instead bust a big ass war and make the rest of the people miserable?

ughhhhhhhhh its so annoying. Well on the side note i just remembered that i wanted to share my philosophy on how we can all work together instead of fight all the time. ok this is really complicated actually since it definitely conflicts with religion beliefs out there, and i’m not sure it’ll be easy to implement lol. well it’s the idea that we humans are the God that everyone (exception of the Atheist), think is out there. so we all agree that His job is that he is the creator. k. now, we humans are evolving and keep on creating. this idea is what needs to be implemented in kindergartens. teach kids to create and continue to create for the betterment of the human civilization. (oh btw i was hiking today with family and saw the hottest woman.) ok there are the kids who don’t sit and pay attention or are angry at the world because of something that happened in the past, but that’s another issue that needs to be solved. communication is probably not being addressed well enough either. but back to creating. a prime example is the sentence, “God said let there be light, and there was light.” i have the power to do that now as well. everyone does. flick the light switch, but dont forget to say the majik words of “let there be light”. so now the argument against that i just thought of is well if He didn’t create that light, you wouldn’t be flicking on anything. but that’s missing my point. my point is to show that we are creating. but i still have to have a counter argument and what better one than the one and only CERN! wahooooooooooo!

my belief of the result in the perfection of this machine and process is that we are going to be able to create any element. i’m willing to bet my life for it. everything. it just makes perfect sense. here’s my reasoning for it.

first it starts off with, wait wow there is so much to explain. damn explanations, but they are key to communication. ok so before i start things off i would like to do a pre start with i don’t believe we had a big bang, i think it started with just a single something that evolved. why you ask? let me ask you….what are we and everything else in the whole cosmos doing? surviving. just living, becoming stronger to conditions around it so that once it’s reborn it survives longer than it did before. so the evolving whatever becomes more complicated in order to live longer. so it decays, then reforms into something a little bit longer lasting, but it disappears really fast again. and so the process goes on till it becomes a proton, a neutron, an electron, they become an atom, more of them become an element, more become molecules, and so forth until something as complicated as us humans or even more that i don’t know of.

k that’s out of the way, now we are at “to start things off”. a star. it is a cloud of gas that is being compacted because of the center of it’s gravity. it keeps wanted to crush it self into a single dot. that’s what gravity is. it pulls things together. why is that the job of gravity….. i dunno ask God lol. anyways so it get so crazyly compacted that it explodes and the gas gets spread out. when they start to get together again because of gravity, they compact again. this time, think of the compaction so hard and fierce that it starts to fuse atoms together creating a new type of gas. that keeps happening then BOOOM! then now think of that same action again but this time the core creates a 3rd new gas. BOOOOM! what i am explaining here, is the creation of the very elements that we know. it comes from stars.

ok did you think of that compaction in 3d? its basically a sphere collapsing on its self. though this type of collapse is not strong enough to hold light back. this is where a black “hole” comes in. i put “hole” in quotations because it’s not a hole. it LOOKS like a hole in space because your seeing a side of the sphere in space. think of holding a basket ball, better yet our own moon. at times when it’s not too close, when you look at it… ok EVEN better example. sorry lol. think of our sun. when we drew it on our paper in school, (oh the great innocent mind days :D) we drew the sun like a flat disk. a 2d representation of the sun, although now we know it’s a sphere. of course there is always the exceptional Asian who’s a prodigy and drew the sun all cool looking. but for the most part you get the idea. (not being stereotypical because everyone relates to it, i can guarantee or your money back)

now a black hole is the SAME THING. its a sphere thats collapsing, but this time the collapse is happening so fast that it exceeds the speed of light. its like…. think of the walls of a well. and the light is running up the wall. it can run up the wall at 186,000 miles per second. let’s say the walls are a treadmill now. and we turn up the speed of the treadmill faster than the speed of light. light can’t escape now. it can’t “run” fast enough up the wall. now down it goes. but down where? to a dot?

this is what we are trying to figure out. but we have all this STUPID ASS MUTHER FREAKN IGNORANT PIECES OF SH!T, stopping humanity from moving forward and creating. it boils my piss. they don’t even have the slightest idea, but bring up bullshit nostradamus scripts saying he said we are going to die from black holes. so all these dumbass people are like oh really…oh noes!!!1!1!11! we’re all ganna die, but yet they live their daily lives like a sheep shopping for whatever is mainstreamed so that they are not behind in being “cool”. what a load of bullux. this is where all that bullying and hatred stems from. you’re just not “cool”.

people, please. just create is all i ask, not destroy.

Barack Obama (U.S. president) said “the people of your country will evaluate you on what you can create, not what you can destroy”

(probably not exact, but its the exact idea.)

oh well :P

so i just woke up from a very deep sleep and having the dream of being in a party not knowing it’s my own. It started with me and some friends asking girls to dance and walking around the party, until i said, hey guys if they don’t want to dance they don’t want to dance so i’m just ganna dance. then the girls said no we want to be with you, but not your friends. then i just started dancing. then these other two girl, a little bit on the heavy side, were dancing and i ended up dancing with my face between their hips. (yeah i know, i have no idea why lol.) after that i walked away and saw my last name in bubble letters written huge on a wall as i was going up some excalaters with comments such as cool! and nice! written all over it. as i got to the top of the excalater, on my left there was a clothing store and the manager was “crip walking” to the music down stairs, but there was very mellow chill music playing. then i went back down the excalatars and saw an extention of the dance floor. it seemed that i was in a hotel and the out side had a pool in the middle. i strapped my cousins dog princess to my chest and we went swimming. after that i walked around a bit and ran into a 4th cousin.(i have no idea what rank cousin he is but he far i think.) anyways he says how many people did you invite? at that point i was like me, i didn’t set up the party man. he says ok whatever just make sure they don’t pass those doors over there. he was wearing the waiters stuff lol. then i saw my extended family sitting at a table, telling me to make the cousins table the biggest. i tell my cousin consider it done. now i remember that i had the dog strapped to my chest so i took off my shirt and worried if the dog was dead. i layed her down and deflated the chest wrapping lots of air was being released lol it took a lil while. then my cousin who owns the dog, picked her up and she looked really skinny. i was like oh shit shes dead from my negligence in my thoughts. then my cousin kept repeating its ok mama. and then she open her eyes and wagged her tail. wahoo.

my interpretation.

at this point i wake up seeing that i left my itunes on. that explains the party setup and music lol.

then the girl scene i think was something to do with what would happen if i had ridiculous amounts of confidence.

the dog scene had to stem from my cousin telling me that if i had a dog, it would die in two days since i didn’t notice his dog left the room when i was too playing ps3 that night. 😀 hehehehee

the rest i have no clue what i saw the things i saw.

now that’s out of the way i wanted to actually blog about the status i put up on facebook after i woke up. “Jonathan is oh well. In the end we are just floating in space, and some people still choose ignorance.

take a look at that in detail. it’s pretty more than awesome. it’s spectacular.

so now what about the whole ignorance is bliss thing? ya that works in some situations, but i rather be more knowledgeable so i can think about the situation and be ready next time it pops up. it’s all about experience right?

i wish a new sport gets invented. i was bowling the other and im thinking hmmm we haven’t invented any new sh!t lately. speaking of inventions i’m still waiting for the worlds largest Hadron Collider  to prove mini black holes exist. before you call me crazy think about it. your going to say “oh noes!! a black hole what are you crazy!?!?!? you want to risk all of humanity so scientist can do some cool experiment??”

NO. that’s like saying right when you hear the word hindu person, you think of someone working in 7-11 and has the famous hindu accent that’s so fun to do. dont lie i know you made front of that accent at least once in your life. i mean probably you went as far as bobbling your head as you did it, hey everyone does it.that last part was very stereotypical by the way. back to the LHC. so as our world progresses alot of just live their daily life not giving a damn about anything until their life is threatened, then the rules all of a sudden change. i think you should only care about your life if you’ve actually done something important in the world and cared just a little bit. now what if your on the way to doing something important. why am i blogging about this? i just want to create awareness for people who throw trash on the ground. you know what next time i see it im going to say fuck you for throwing that on the ground. yes it’s a little un-kosher way to do it, but hey now it’s imprinted the the morons head to not throw the cigarette bud on the floor. thats the number one thing that really pisses my off other than people being ignorant on the whole world is going to end thing. HOW STUPID!

let’s talk about how my action will imprint it. since there was a strong emotion attached to that interaction, which most probably be anger since i said fuck you lol.

man that just reminded me on the idea that what if we made human brains our hard-drives for computers. now that’s loaded with some morality issues. is it a person, since everything else in the body is just a part to keep the brain working. imagine having to feed your computer so that your data stays alive. haha. i guess thats not efficient at all since it’ll be so expensive and when you stop feeding it it’ll die and there goes all your data. probably putting in a CO2 fridge would preserve it, but again cost and we can’t freeze our self without exploding the cells. so i guess its a cool idea but not a practical one. booo.

buuuuut, what im down to see is for the gaming world to have suits everyone puts on in a dark room with a helmet that covers your head. then everyone in the dark room is actually experiencing a virtual world like lets say a map in the game Halo and you can run around playing. that’d be so cool!man i can’t wait for the future. i just hope more and more educated people fill this world up instead of dumbasses. :/ we just gatta wait and see i guess.

ya you read that right. if you litter i think youre a dumbass. plain and simple. oh and also a selfish asshole. k.

do i have will power?

i haven’t blogged in quite a while. yes i have not. now im laying in my bed, (yes i know o lala right) and have some will power to blog. but is it really my will or was this predetermined.

oh by the way, i felt a little dumb founded when i realized that even though we are not going to die from a gaping black hole, Nostradamus did still have that thought about blackholes never the less…. right? i mean if he didn’t and we are just interpreting his words into what we think he meant then i’ll stick by my feelings toward him, which are bad. so what i realized is that of course his prediction is wrong, but having the very thought of blackholes when it wasn’t even mentioned during his time is a little wild.

maybe im just jealous. maybe not. anyways, i want to get back to discussing whether everything is indeed predetermined or if we have free will. it basically has to do with chaos. if our world is chaos then we have free will, since we are the chaos creators. if the world, i should be saying the universe has order, then we do not have free will since it will contradict everything having a set order.

tricky tricky stuff.

forgive me for this entry, it’s a really short one this time since i started this blog before the “oh well :P” one but i didnt publish it since i fell asleep i guess. 😀

love :)

so i was sitting on my bed releasing the pressure off my spinal column…. ah forget the setting of how i came about what im about to write about. lets get to the point because once again im sure its not going to stay on it. ok already i’ll start.

so does love, love hate or hate…. hate? (notice the comma and … because otherwise that sentence would be hard to read. don’t you love punctuation. well i guess that just kinda pooped on my argument that text is plain and boring and cannot be used to show emotions and errrr sorry, that should be in another blog entry.) so ya or is love neutral towards hate? i mean now that i think of it could it be the saying of the joker in Batman: The dark night…. “you complete me.” love and hate are complements.. btw im listing to Clouds Are Parcelled Out Across My Vision by Bichi on Pandora and its amazing since its like flowing with what im saying lol. anyways, so without hate i wouldn’t know what love is since it’s just there. i would have nothing opposite to compare it to. i guess i wouldn’t know it existed. Good and Evil. without the other i wouldn’t know it existed. actually i’ll talk about how this came up. for some reason i thought of the sentence, love hates me. then i thought can that really happen, i mean love the pure form of it-self hate something? that cannot be so then i guess the question now is if love loves everything where did hate come from?

duh, human nature. ah bullux. human nature… man that’s some monkey nature…. eheheh oh yea we are monkeys. just a lil more susphistacated susposebly. yea i totally f’d that last sentence up. leave me alone, it’s the internets. but thats no excuse to show illiteracy.

i just realized that i will never get the answer to my question. booo to philosophy. cuz thats all it is. pooping on each side of the argument. youll go crazy if you try to argue with a philosopher. which reminds me of the great philosopher of my family, Philo. trust me you don’t want to attempt to argue with this guy. let me just explain how it’ll go down if you do try.

you’ll be all juiced up and agreed with that you feel like your 110% right. now imagine an elephants finished poop. that’s alot of poop. if you dont agree go check it out on youtube better yet ill post the link for you. and this just reminded me that yes elephant poop killed someone. but now imagine that someone being your argument. crushed under tons of elephant poop. so yea there you have it. if you don’t believe me, go ahead argue with him.

boo i have to sleep. i love and hate sleep. ahaha


so whats the best thing to do when you cant sleep. ding ding ding. you got it. blog.

the subject of this entry is going to be about communication… hopefully i can stay on the subject matter for once and not digress but actually you know what? there’s a need to digress because then the original subject matter that i was trying to get across to the audience that is listening (which the audience could be in fact one or even 0 people) did not get across in an understanding manner. wikipedia is the perfect example of what explanation is. its like every other word is a link to a whole other article which also has ever other word linked to more articles. you can sit, well i do, and read on wikipedia for an hour and still not fully understand what you searched in the first place because of not understanding every word in the article. there is ALOT of information out there.

okokkok so communication…. we’re ganna stay on track here. language is a set of sounds that is agreed upon for an understanding of the speakers thoughts and feelings. so these set of sounds is what amazes me. even this very text that you are reading word for word and comprehending what is being read. its like wtf. i know certain sounds or symbols which will go together to make the person receiving it respond with something i totally understand too. then yea of course there’s the sentence “what do you mean” which shows the lack or maybe just needing a reassurance of the meaning that was communicated across. theres my point right there if you are still confused. by asking what do you mean, im telling you to please restate what your trying to get across in a different manner so that i can understand too. that communication right there is the coolest thing.

anger stunts communication. i cannot find a need for anger really. other than its an emotion, which emotions i have learned, are just a mechanism for your brain to remember what ever it is it wants to remember, easier. when was the last time you remember going to the bathroom, not the most recent one, but the one that made you shiver cuz it felt so good. yea that one. its more vivid than all the other times you went to the bathroom because an emotion is attached to it. so i was talking about anger in this paragraph, jeeze i cant even stay on the topic in the damn paragraph. anger is a blind emotion, like wait a minute. hold your donkeys. is love an emotion? or a feeling? or are emotions feelings? wait what. hold on im going to google this for a sec. brb. lol i dont even need to tell you to hold on because its text. TIME. O MAN TIME.

see your dimension, i guess i have to call it, will experience this text as what ever time it took for you to read. you do not have to wait for me to go and do something your just reading not as am typing but at a later time. oh, its not live, thats y. duh never mind stupid paragraph.

right when i entered my search for google on feelings and emotions i realized something. feelings and emotions are different. if i feel something rough, whats my emotion? i feel love. o0o0 i like that sentence.

my paragraphs are shrinking what the hell is going on around here.

yay. good night! 😀 <— the most happiest smilie ever lol.


this world. our world. even though there are piece of sh!t people in it, theres a point. everything should be looked at as a point. but how when there’s so much points, instances of time in just one day. how to differ between pointless and a point that really matters. well that was an easy one, the points that will benefit your own life. so that means we choose the path we create…..

now your walking in a straight line. a decision pops up. is it a 50/50, a fork in the road?? ….or is it a decision that requires more than one path to be set aside? 50/50 is the yes or no decision and you either go left or right. so to what degree is the path you chose and are creating at the moment, really what you are creating? you chose yes or no but now the consequences are going to shape the road your trying to build. i dont even know why im building a road. does that mean i have no direction.. im in space? but arent we all so there is no such thing as upside down. this is what really bothers me about space. everything we learn is shown as a 2d mother fruckn dimensional where its actually 3d. this is how i think of it. we are in a jelly cube. but that jelly “doesnt exist”. thats the black stuff that we “see” or “don’t see” in space… is that the same no because wait no im so confused. if i see black… darkness, nothingness, is that an object? because if i “don’t see” the light or what ever is out there then it must mean that its there but im simply not evolved to see it because it doesnt help my survival. survival.

so we are just all chilln but not really paying attention to whats going on here. i have been duped my whole young life that the older you are the more you know whats going on. to me, it’s like the older you get the more sh!ts out there that you don’t know. so how the hell does another human hold that status of being more understanding than another. so it has to do with certain subjects. i know more about this than you do, but certainly there’s something else you know more about that than i do. it’s impossible for me to know everything someone else knows, and more. now the value comes in whether which information is more valuable to survival. knowing another human is having sexual relations with another human is hardly, if at all no help what so ever to my survival. my question is, why is it that humans can really deeply care about another human’s life, when it has ZERO and by ZERO i mean the NOTHING, ZIP, NADA, ZELCH, benefits to helping the community advance in a field of anything you choose.

ok, so i get it. everyone agrees that no one has the 100% perfect understanding explanation of what the hell is actually going on. maybe we all do have an answer, but communication isnt fully 100%. for one thing, there is almost countless different languages. starting from there, theres already going to be problems translating to a human who has learned language differently. well once we get one universal language that everyone, every human being that is able to communicate in some form or another, will we be able to come up together, collectively as a whole, on what the hell is going on? ah what the hell.

i just need to sleep. blink blink the cursor blinks on my screen. awaiting input from the keyboard. you know another thing thats very fascinating about humans is that we take things for granted so quick. now am i talking about that just because i live in America? possibly. i havent lived in a place where i have to save my last drop of water for drinking instead of using it to rinse an object. letting the water run as i wait for it to worm up. filling my glass full of water, drinking it all, filling it up twice more, but the third time reaching half way and saying “ill save this half for later”. no. down the sink it goes because i have an abundance more of it. which reminds me….. …. you have to watch that. it has a very very good point on abundance, but ill tell you my thoughts on it on another blog because some of the venus project mentioned in it doesnt make sense.

goodnight, over and out the door i go into the neck of the woods of ZzZzzzzZzzzzZzZzzzz ,:D

Irritaided – spelled incorrectly

Tari tadidum dadim tari daidum dadidum

Very nice hearse I’m hearing from the television that is the downfall of the evolution of brainwaves. That sucks.

I’m amongst the group of humans who likes to complain about the content of the news. Let me tell you a FACT about the news. They are all owned by one corporation called the News Corp. Wait before you go to reread that sentence, I’m going to repeat it for you one more time. All the news channels, I don’t want to name names because I don’t know what’s legal and what’s not. Speaking of legal I have to see if I’m going to be sued for my YouTube videos even though I have gave credit to all it’s respectful owners. Now where was I yes, our sad news. Why can’t they ever show happy stuff which majority of us would find genuinely good. I have to consider the possibility that there are people out there that find what majority find happy and good, sad and bad. Example, because right now your probably like WTF those last two sentences made no attempt to even make sense. So now the example. Seeing a baby born is a happy thought no? Or people helping each other out in times of random technology failure. But wait why am I getting all worried about ONE person owning ALL major news channels in America? Well now, if you haven’t figured it by now, your all ready brainwashed. Clean. Fresh. Reprogrammed. Now you may disregard what your reading but it’s true.

I mean reading the very sentence your brain has more activity when your sleeping than watching tv should be enough to convince you. It sure did me. I’m not saying just because I believe it it’s true. Challenge me. We all need to collectively reach the truth of things. The more we have people asking and challenging the better. Here is the scenario explaining why.

Person A and Person B. A has the blahblah theory. Now person B has two choices. Either try to disprove blahblah theory, or help A improve the theory. Either choice that’s decided upon, it has taken everyone one step closer to understanding blahblah. Well obviously choosing to improve the theory helps out, but how would disproving help? Simple. That’s one less route that needs to be taken in reaching the understandability of blahblah.

We should just be in an age where it doesn’t matter what country you represent. You represent the human species. War. The stupidest vocabulary word ever. I don’t want to hear none of that sh!t about it’s our nature. How bout. Making our nature to communicate? That sounds like a good idea.


yes, its the a.m and im full of questions.

so its the a.m. but its dark outside. im confused whether to really call it tomorrow or today,but never the less im in an instant of time. which ticks away by the second which has no real value.

what is value? how do i say that this feels like one second. how much of what makes up that one? if things can get smaller for infinity then is there no reason to keep zooming it with stronger microscopes? i would like to share with you my current philosophy of what is going on, because it seems that any other human i try to communicate with either a) feels uncomfortable about thinking b) doesn’t comprehend modern thinking and wants to stick with med evil type mentality where if a person is an outcast, he shall be burned at the stake without any second thoughts on how he’s going to feel when the fire is buring from his skin into his flesh and down into his bones. how could anyone enjoy seeing another human being suffer so much when all the human did was make the other use their good for nothing brain? it is a very strange world we live in indeed, but it’s funny to see how we don’t work together to figure out… which leads to two types of people i can think of right now. (there is going to be alot of types of people i will explain from my observations of humans), wait wait stop i gatta keep you from getting distracted because i tend to do that alot. focus. so it seems that people like this one dumb muther f’r customer today.

heres the story….. im selling iphones and here comes this anti american douche.

the douchebag- “i would like to buy an iphone and take it to my country.”

me – “sorry sir if theres no a.t.t (lol sounds like a titi) towers setup in your country you wont be able to get the iphone”

the douchebag- “well i want just the phone”

me-“sorry sir you can’t purchase the phone w/o a plan.”

(imma speed it up to the juicy parts)

the douchebag- “what you mean i have to be an american to buy the iphone????”

diclamer: the following has content that is a little bit hurtful. if you dont like the stereotypical words said to people dont read the rest.

the douchebag- “so why in maimi ch*nks, N**gers, all the other people bought the phone?”

at this point i froze. i couldnt believe this good for nothing human is standing in front of me breathing the same oxygen i am.

me-“imma go get my manager”

i have to come back cuz my manger doesnt want to talk to him. i was hoping he would kick him out. :/

me-“you have to have a social security number… you dont have to be amercian.”

the douchebag- “im glad im not an american. thats why im not an american. in my country we dont discriminate on you when you want to buy things”

me-“you just need a social secrity number it doesnt have to do with race”

he leaves…. i turn to my co-worker alex fruitan… and go did u hear that guy!?!?!?!

then the fucker a.k.a the douchebag goes i want to buy an ipod. gimmie the touch.

i wish i was manager, i’d pwn him so bad that he wish he was in his own country again.

well im hungray now…. time for jack in the boxxxxxxxx.

before i leave lemme tell you my delicious order, sourdough breakfast jack w/ no ham, hash brown, gotta have the curly fries and cheese-stix,and i should be drinking water, but dr.pepper is the only thing that will digest this food with me, sorry h20 maybe next time.