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who is i/you/anyone?

feelings of disconnection from modern society can be, well very very disconnecting. this feeling is best described as waking either in the middle of the night or in the morning and having a sense of being a caveman. that word, caveman, may of just sent you into a world of . . . listening to Que N’ai-je by Keren Ann (click her name listen to a sample on pandora) . . .primitive feeling, but it’s much more than that. it is more as if i am free to roam around naked and let loose from the societal jail that we are in. slowly to keep “sanity” i am reminded (you know i feel like posting every song im listing to so instead just go to pandora and listen to the bjork station, i promise it fits well with this reading lol) so i am reminded that it is ok that i am in a structured house with perfect 90 degree walls. it is ok to have highly technical gadgets which electricity flows through them just as they do through me. it is ok that im not conversing why the FUCK i have a conscious just as the next fellow does and that life is not just some really cool gift for us to explore. it is perfectly ok to not have time and explore beyond our wants for products to “better” our life.
yes yes of course, stay on track. this post was supposed to be about our individual place in the billions of people and what that really actually means. got stuck in a little rant for a sec there. so i am one person out of the ever growing number of 7 billion. hmm i wonder if you plus me make 2, and we both think of the same exact thing, which i don’t know if its possible to achieve. lets say i think of a bright yellow lemon, is that thought the same exact bright yellow lemon in your head? the point of that idea being important is if we collect, more and more people, tell them think about the same exact thing, will that have an effect on, well the universe? ok not on a galactic scale, but there has to be a change being done to something somewhere, no? i mean if we have brain power being detected by technologies we have created then sure more brain power gathered together can have effects visible to the naked eye. or why limit that effect to only one of our senses, it could effect even all five! well yea the opposite argument would be it could effect none. but then again that’s beat by not having enough brain power in the first place so that’s why we gathered more people to cooperate in this crazy experiment. so i guess the trick here is to know whether the thought of people can be synchronized or not. who knows, maybe even just having a thought that’s similar works since we do after all have universal emotions, do we not? hmmm this is getting very complex for me, as im now thinking about laughter. yes we all know how it feels to laugh, and if you dont, im sorry your definitely missing out on a wonderful feeling, although that feeling is said to be a product of nervousness, it sure fuckn feels good lol. <- pun intended. i just felt like saying that cuz it feels cool. anyways, if you have some medical thing where you cannot laugh and it is not your control i certainly do not mean any disrespect, but try to do what you can to laugh. where was iiii, ok laughter is a universal feeling, but not everyone finds the same thing as funny and of course yes im not stupid i remember things my professor said in school… people have different an infinite combination of genes and experiences, so that explains that. im guessing the only way to make everyone laugh at the same thing is say something that everyone can relate to. wow that would be the ultimate comedian. now the question is whether by everyone i mean the current generation that can understand language or by every human evar, now and in the future. the past we cannot prove for obvious reasons, but if you don’t know yet, i am a man… or boy, that believes ANYTHING is possible. can humans fly then Mr.Anythings-Possible? we have airplanes don’t we? yea stfu.
my post originates from that very last battle with myself episode. i battle myself as if i was another person. that voice in my head is a friend, and im talking about the voice that’s reading the text in your head right now, not an extra voice that is a person. your conscious i guess it would be called. ego is more like it. lol told you im teeter tottering sanity. i shouldn’t be making these claims since i probably have absolutely no idea what it mean to be clinically insane.
not sure if i answered the question in the title, but i must get sleep in order for me to play my part in the world tomorrow. till next time reader, till next time!


so whats the best thing to do when you cant sleep. ding ding ding. you got it. blog.

the subject of this entry is going to be about communication… hopefully i can stay on the subject matter for once and not digress but actually you know what? there’s a need to digress because then the original subject matter that i was trying to get across to the audience that is listening (which the audience could be in fact one or even 0 people) did not get across in an understanding manner. wikipedia is the perfect example of what explanation is. its like every other word is a link to a whole other article which also has ever other word linked to more articles. you can sit, well i do, and read on wikipedia for an hour and still not fully understand what you searched in the first place because of not understanding every word in the article. there is ALOT of information out there.

okokkok so communication…. we’re ganna stay on track here. language is a set of sounds that is agreed upon for an understanding of the speakers thoughts and feelings. so these set of sounds is what amazes me. even this very text that you are reading word for word and comprehending what is being read. its like wtf. i know certain sounds or symbols which will go together to make the person receiving it respond with something i totally understand too. then yea of course there’s the sentence “what do you mean” which shows the lack or maybe just needing a reassurance of the meaning that was communicated across. theres my point right there if you are still confused. by asking what do you mean, im telling you to please restate what your trying to get across in a different manner so that i can understand too. that communication right there is the coolest thing.

anger stunts communication. i cannot find a need for anger really. other than its an emotion, which emotions i have learned, are just a mechanism for your brain to remember what ever it is it wants to remember, easier. when was the last time you remember going to the bathroom, not the most recent one, but the one that made you shiver cuz it felt so good. yea that one. its more vivid than all the other times you went to the bathroom because an emotion is attached to it. so i was talking about anger in this paragraph, jeeze i cant even stay on the topic in the damn paragraph. anger is a blind emotion, like wait a minute. hold your donkeys. is love an emotion? or a feeling? or are emotions feelings? wait what. hold on im going to google this for a sec. brb. lol i dont even need to tell you to hold on because its text. TIME. O MAN TIME.

see your dimension, i guess i have to call it, will experience this text as what ever time it took for you to read. you do not have to wait for me to go and do something your just reading not as am typing but at a later time. oh, its not live, thats y. duh never mind stupid paragraph.

right when i entered my search for google on feelings and emotions i realized something. feelings and emotions are different. if i feel something rough, whats my emotion? i feel love. o0o0 i like that sentence.

my paragraphs are shrinking what the hell is going on around here.

yay. good night! 😀 <— the most happiest smilie ever lol.