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short blurp before sleep :D

There is so much time, but yet so little. I love paradoxical quotes. Free will. People who say we don’t have free will are partially correct. I haven’t yet learned how to change my environment. I have come to a point where I really need a girl to talk and rant to about un-woken humans. I’m not fully yet awake my self because my days are not 100% influenced or changed by me alone. I forget about thinking to think 100% of the time. This journal is going to be my coolest time machine ever. Where am I going to be and in what state of mind? If my life or life it self is predetermined, layed out already, then I should know already. It is impossible for free will not to exist. WE are no where near finding out a design of nature. Wait I just contradicted myself. If there is a code then free will does not exist.

us having free will shows that a code could not be existant. then how where laws of physics formed?

do i have will power?

i haven’t blogged in quite a while. yes i have not. now im laying in my bed, (yes i know o lala right) and have some will power to blog. but is it really my will or was this predetermined.

oh by the way, i felt a little dumb founded when i realized that even though we are not going to die from a gaping black hole, Nostradamus did still have that thought about blackholes never the less…. right? i mean if he didn’t and we are just interpreting his words into what we think he meant then i’ll stick by my feelings toward him, which are bad. so what i realized is that of course his prediction is wrong, but having the very thought of blackholes when it wasn’t even mentioned during his time is a little wild.

maybe im just jealous. maybe not. anyways, i want to get back to discussing whether everything is indeed predetermined or if we have free will. it basically has to do with chaos. if our world is chaos then we have free will, since we are the chaos creators. if the world, i should be saying the universe has order, then we do not have free will since it will contradict everything having a set order.

tricky tricky stuff.

forgive me for this entry, it’s a really short one this time since i started this blog before the “oh well :P” one but i didnt publish it since i fell asleep i guess. 😀